Waiting For My Slipper


It seems that I spent the first eleven years of my life watching fairytales and believing that they could come true. I spent the next five years undoing those fairytale fantasies and understanding that fairytales, most times, have nothing to do with real life. I spent the next five years of my life unsure of what I believed. New people and new experiences made me believe that fairytales could be real. Happy endings could be real. However, I often came so close to Prince Charming, only for the clock to strike midnight and be invaded with real life. I subconsciously came to the conclusion that happy endings do happen for some people, just not me. The story of Cinderella is one of my all-time favorites. Every little girl imagines being Cinderella. After all, Prince Charming searched far and wide for the foot that fit the glass slipper that had been left behind by the woman who stole his heart. Hearing this story as a child gave me chills as I imagined the day my Prince Charming would search high and low for me with the glass slipper that could fit no one else’s foot but mine. I smiled widely, thinking how it must have felt for Cinderella to be the chosen one.

As I got older, and since I was never the chosen one, I realized that I had more in common with the other girls in the town who tried on the shoe with no success. Even though Cinderella deserved her happy ending, I found myself wanting to hug the town girls, whose feet didn’t fit the slipper. Who wiped their tears when their big chance with Prince Charming fell through the cracks because of something as small as a shoe size? Surely they were heartbroken when the happy ending dwindled because of something so minor. What happens when you miss the happy ending because of something completely beyond your control? I imagine they were told to stand up tall, smile and just be happy for Cinderella because their time would soon come if they could just learn to be happy for someone else.

Sometimes, it’s hard to be happy for other people when it seems that your dream is being fulfilled for everyone else, but you. From Christmas to Valentine’s Day, it seems that everyone is trying on their slipper, getting the perfect fit. Meanwhile, every slipper you try on is too big or too small. You’re not jealous. Sometimes it’s just frustrating waiting for the slipper that best fits. It gets a little easier in the seasons when you learn to be happy in the down season. It gets a little easier when you genuinely begin to celebrate someone else’s Cinderella season.

Don’t let the frustration make you bitter. Instead, let it make you better. Be joyous through it all. When you learn to celebrate other people in their happy seasons of love and success, you will soon hear the knock of Prince Charming at your door, holding the slipper that is custom made for you.