We Can’t Hear You, We’re Happy!


We can’t hear you, we’re happy to be at work doing great things. It’s easy to be a part of the ‘whoa is me’ group when it comes to how you feel about work. Everyone is doing the work of multiple people, they are worried about the security of their job, and they are tired of the mean people in the workplace. But, there is a bright side.

It’s not a positive spin, but rather a look at the happy reality of work. Turning up the happy on your work life is easy when you seek the positive.

1) Stick out your chest. – You do a great job and work hard doing what you do. Take pride in the work you do. You could be a slacker, but you’re not. Instead, you are the example. That is something to be happy about.

2) Root for the home team. – You’re a team player. You always reach out a helping hand to help a co-worker. Whether it’s helping to solve an issue or making copies and stapling papers, you are there to support your team. There is no shame in that. Being a team player means you understand when anyone on the team does well, everyone does well. The whole team gets a ring.

3) You are special. – They could have hired anyone, but they chose you. They hired you. You are the person they want to represent them in the world. Since you are special, smile big, walk tall and be glad about it.

4) You contribute to the world. – When you step out of your house in the morning, you have purpose. You are going somewhere to do something good. The universe rejoices knowing that you are giving your best. Thank you for all you do.

Everyone has those days when they wonder why they are at work. Those days when nothing seems to go right and everyone seems to think that you can do it all, but that’s normal. Every day won’t be filled with sunshine and rainbows, but that is still not reason to turn up the happy. So, the next time the complainers make room for you in their group, take a step back, smile and tell them you are glad to be at work with them. Happiness turns the volume up on negative ninnies!