Harvesting your Dreams


Planting Seeds of Possibilities 

As you gear up for fall, don’t forget to continue planting seeds of hope this season. It is easy to forget what it takes to finish those goals you have set out to accomplish each year. Fitting your dreams in your schedule doesn’t always seem to go according to plan. Growing up, I always wondered why people said it takes courage to pursue your dreams- to do what you really want to do. I get it now. Year after year, I have come to realize with growth comes change, with change comes adjustment and with those adjustments we must make time for what is really important and what needs our attention the most. 

When was the last time you watered that dream you have? Seeds need to be given the opportunity to take root and prove themselves. But to do so, we must tend and give nourishment to those seeds, otherwise known as dreams. I find it hard at times to break away from the day to give nourishment to the ideas I am working on. God wants to see those ideas you have take root, grow and then return each season with fruit that can be seen and shared with those around you. 

It is oh-so-easy to forget about the process it takes to cultivate a dream and become disappointed when nothing shows up in the spring or summer. But it is up to us, the seed holders, to intentionally put them in the ground, water them and take care of the soil in which that seed has been planted. We must get what is inside us out into the world. There is only one you! God has a specific assignment on your life that no one can take. As you continue to dream, you must also become a do-er. There are so many things that are inside you that the world would benefit from if you just took that leap of faith. Hand it over to God and ask His help in what the next steps look like.

If you find yourself wondering what you should do or where you should go, consider the following ideas: 

  • Get Quiet: Find or create a quiet spot to hear yourself think.

  • Take note of the noise around you: What has been blocking you from hearing God’s voice? Make note so those distractions don't distract you anymore.

  • What needs to be taken care of this Fall season? Do you need to follow up on something before moving forward? Do you need to close doors so new ones can open?

  • What dream have you ignored? Pick up where you left off, don’t worry about the time that has passed by.

Now, my final suggestion ... Stop being so critical and hard on yourself! You are not a quitter, you have the strength of the Lord to help you get you out of any place you currently are in. It’s never too late to get on the right path. As the holiday season rolls in, you can either be reminded of all you have accomplished this year or be remind of all the things left unfinished. Wherever you are today in building up your dreams, I want you to be encouraged that you can finish this year strong! Stay focused and lean into God.