The Bogeyman Doesn't Live Here Anymore


Evicting the element of fear

Remember when you were little and anytime you had to go into a dark room by yourself, or it was time to go to bed at night, you always wondered if there was a bogeyman or monster lurking under your bed or in the closet just waiting to jump out at you? 

Every time you asked your parents to leave the light on, wanted someone to stay with you or just asked them to check under the bed one more time just to be absolutely sure that there was nothing there—you were told that there was no such thing as a bogeyman, so go to sleep.

As we grow up, we get over our fear of the dark (well most of us anyway), but for some reason we still bring the bogeyman with us.  Only this time, instead of the bogeyman being some shadowy figure that we see in the shadows of the corner of our rooms, it lurks in the corners of our minds. 

The childhood bogeyman that you thought lived under your bed is no longer there. But it’s not gone, it just relocated.

The bogeyman is the fear of the unknown.

Our minds conjure up a million frightening possibilities when we don’t have complete control or understanding of a situation. We get so scared of what could be or what could happen that we don’t get close enough to face it.

So how do you get rid of the bogeyman?  Simple.  You must evict the element of fear.

Fear is just our imagination running wild with things that we think might happen.  Some fear is based on our past experiences.  Some fear is based on what we’ve seen happen to others.  But in all cases, we fear things that haven’t happened—YET.  And it’s that three-letter word that keeps us stuck between wanting more and standing on the edge, debating whether to jump in.

Confront what scares you, whether it’s real or imagined, physical or mental. Prepare for the possible outcomes and devise a plan to react to them. Once you start facing your fears, you will feel stronger and prepared for anything.

It’s no coincidence that we’re talking about getting rid of the bogeyman in October.  After all, we celebrate ghouls and goblins and all things scary during Halloween. In celebrating the scary things, we’re confronting our fears. 

Just for a moment, I want you to think about your fears as bogeymen living under your bed.  How do you get rid of them? By shining a light on them, examining them and seeing them for who and what they really are—just figments of an imagination run wild.

We fear the unknown most of all.  Before you allow yourself to become paralyzed by the “what if’s” that swirl around you; I want you to really think about your fears.  Unmask them.  Ask yourself what they are; where they came from and most of all, why you’re allowing them to live in your head.

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash