Water Fertilizer Grow, key elements needed to grow a seed into a flower


Fall is the season of new hires for most corporations. Newly minted graduates who have known nothing their entire lives but the cycle of school. They may have done an internship here or there, but even that was just an interim stop on their way back to school. They prepare for the work force the best they can, but they feel desperate for guidance on how to do a great job.

The newbies start their first day, then are hit with nothing but orientation to the company and meet and greets for a few days. Whew. It’s a wonder they come back the second week, but somehow, they do. It’s this second week, when all their new shine has worn off, when they need someone to take them under their wing without being overbearing.

This is where you come in. The best way for you to truly grow in your career field is to mentor others. By sharing your knowledge, you are helping someone else succeed, which leads to personal satisfaction, and you are refreshing yourself on the basics.

You, the experienced professional, are the gardener. Here are the ingredients required for that new hire, a seed, to bloom into a valuable member of the team.

Sun. Show them the way by being positive. No need to dump all the negative cut throat bad experiences you had on them. It doesn’t help them or you. Instead, show some kindness. Tell them it’s all going to be ok. They just need to take a deep breath, breathe and know that everyone feels exactly like they do, even if they don’t admit it. Treat them to lunch or invite them to the afternoon coffee run. Aim to be inviting.

Water. Sprinkle them with tips and ideas to help them figure the new workplace out. Help them to organize their day and put the information given to them so far in a place they can easily access. After the department meeting, sit with them and go over key points of the group meeting and what they can do with the information. If they will be traveling, show them ways to stay organized on the road and connected to the office. Advice and tips from someone seasoned at the company and in the department is the most valuable nugget anyone can have starting out.

Fertilize. You can’t grow if someone isn’t giving you nourishment. Show them how to sift through the training offered. Help them choose a career path within the company by introducing them to people who can help them get there. Suggest websites, podcasts and books that are great resources to stay focused and stay up to date on what’s going on in the industry. Take a coffee break to talk about the industry once a week. Exercise your knowledge

Grow.  Nothing feels better then watching a flower begin to blossom. As September turns to October and Thanksgiving rolls in, the new hire will find their groove. You know your time and efforts were valuable when you witness the new hire begin to succeed.

Don’t sleep on staying focus on your career goals. The day you slack off is the day you miss out on an opportunity that is now in someone else’s portfolio. However, taking the time to plant seeds into someone else is worth shifting your focus for a moment. You will never regret helping someone on starting out in their career. After all, someone helped you grow. Pay it forward by helping another rising star.

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash