Halloween Tech from Verizon


Families spend a lot of money on Halloween in Indy – from little tyke costumes, to school events and neighborhood block parties. Whether your investment is on cupcakes, candy or costumes, why not make sure you’re getting the best out of your tech for this special spooky night?

While you’re away trick or treating, the Nest Cam IQ will come in handy. Keep an eye on your house and receive mobile alerts when you’re on the go. With the Nest Cam IQ, you get round–the–clock surveillance as well as the option to review footage at a later time. Stay at ease with a high quality monitoring device that uses advanced algorithms to identify and track faces. The Nest Cam IQ comes with night vision so you can keep a watchful eye throughout the night for any pranksters.

Google Clips allows you to capture family Halloween-scapes and lawn decorations while still being in the photos. Clips will automatically capture short motion photos of your family, friends and costumed pets. You can post to social, or print off the exact frame you want for later use – or to update the family photo walls.

If you’re having a home party with a steaming cauldron of bats wings and eyeballs, turn your TV into a digital picture frame with the Google Chromecast Ultra. You can also invite others in on the fun! Create a shared Google Photos Album and invite your friends to add their own pics for a shared album from your biggest Halloween block party.

Now what about safety? It’s top of mind for most parents and their little goblins. Verizon Smart Family gives parents access to the most comprehensive mobile parenting tools in the industry.  With Verizon Smart Family, parents get location tracking to set up alerts when the kids come and go – particularly important on Halloween night.

The latest GizmoWatch is also a must have for an easy wearable – a kid-friendly smartwatch designed with your child's safety in mind. Automated alerts and a GPS locator provide independence while still keeping you in the know. Durable, waterproof and easy to use, the GizmoWatch comes with the consistently fast speeds from Verizon. And for post Halloween, you have the option of adding some fitness goals for the kiddos.

Verizon’s latest smartphones have high resolution cameras that allow you to take professional quality photos from dusk ‘til dawn. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 allows you to be a photo pro. Adjust the aperture and focus so you can create those professional style photographs. And the S Pen makes you the coolest ghoul on the block – selfie magic with a tiny pen!

Now be safe on your way to treat-filled fun!

About the author: Andy Choi is Verizon's PR Manager for the Great Lakes market. As a tech enthusiast and former TV news anchor/reporter, he loves showing how people's lives can be made easier thanks to the use of new technologies.