Must-Reads for October (Non-Fiction)

In the middle of all my ‘yay it’s October’ and ‘you must read these books’ gushing the other day, I mentioned that I would be back with my non-fiction must read picks for October.

There are so many great books being released this month - fiction and non-fiction - so you won’t want to miss any of these either!


praying with jane.jpg

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay by Sheila Walsh (Baker, Oct 2) - When you’re looking for a do-over, Walsh gives you permission to rest in the reset. Instead of dwelling on shame or guilt, she shares attainable, daily strategies to help us a) admit we’re not okay and b) be okay with that. Then, she shows us how to move forward, right where we are.

Chosen for Christ by Heather Holleman (Moody, Oct 2) - Do you long to know your unique purpose? Do you feel you have a calling but wonder how to fulfill it? Do you fear you’re missing the life you’re supposed to live? If you could answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then you need to grab a copy of Holleman’s new book which teaches not only how to live out your calling but also how to embrace your identity in Christ.

Praying With Jane by Rachel Dodge (Bethany House, Oct 2) - We’ve fallen in love with her timeless novels, but what do we know about her spiritual life? This 31-day devotional takes us through her prayers, biographical anecdotes, novels, and personal letters, giving us touching insight into her prayer life & how we can apply these truths to our own relationship with God.


the better mom devotional.jpg

The Better Mom Devotional by Ruth Schwenk (Zondervan, Oct 23) - Ever struggled with mom-guilt? This devotional from the popular blogger & author releases you from that burden and helps you reset the ideal you’ve been trying to live up to. Practical and encouraging, Schwenk inspires moms to focus on who they are becoming, not on what they are (or aren’t) doing.

The Brave Art of of Motherhood by Rachel Marie Martin (WaterBrook, Oct 9) - For every mom who has surrendered to the lie that she is ‘just a mom’, for every mom who feels like she has lost herself in the day-in-day-out of raising kids, full-time blogger, speaker and single mom of 7 (wow!) Rachel Marie Martin has written a book for you. Balancing ‘no excuses’ with ‘grace for the mess’, she empowers women to overcome fear, pursue dreams, and find joy.

Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors by Jami Amerine (Harvest House, Oct 2) - With hilarity and authenticity, Amerine shares her own ‘misadventures in motherhood’ and helps moms find the miracle in the mess and mayhem. In the process, she shows you how to let your Heavenly Father parent you while you parent your children - and reminds you that the King of Kings has your children in His hands so you don’t have to hold on to them so tightly.


the ministry of ordinary places.jpg

Intimate Deception by Dr. Sheri Keffer (Revell, Oct 2) - Drawing from her own devastating experience as well as her professional experience counseling women toward recovery, Keffer offers hope along the journey (and freedom from shame) for those traumatized by sexual betrayal. She explains the effect this trauma has on minds, bodies, spirits, and sexuality - and she offers practical tools for understanding, recovery, protection and self-care. Vital topics for all women for such a time as this.

The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannan Martin (Thomas Nelson, Oct 9) - This popular blogger gives us the surprisingly simple (but not easy) answer to our questions on how to live a life of intention and purpose in this complicated day & age - live & love & be loved right where God has placed you. She shares her own experiences, with transparency and humor, and teaches us how to invest deeply in the lives of those around us.

Mix-and-Match Mama Meal Planner by Shay Shull (Harvest House, Oct 2) - The author of the Mix-and-Match Mama blog shows how to get dinner on the table while spending less time in the kitchen, complete with lists of pantry staples, cooking tips & tricks, and dozens of delicious dinner ideas. The meal plans included in this book are simple to make, without difficult instructions or impossible-to-find ingredients. She also uses seasonal produce and keeps prep time to a minimum!