It’s Always Something (And That’s a Good Thing)

Whenever someone speaks these words, “It’s always something…” we automatically assume something dreadful has happened. Am I right? You know it’s true. A friend or a colleague will be chatting away and then suddenly those ominous words seem to flow effortlessly from her lips and we inhale. Waiting. Holding our breath for the details of something gone terribly wrong. Let’s be honest with ourselves…for the majority of us…this statement isn’t often paired with a celebratory remark.

Imagine with me that instead of expecting bad news, we inhale awaiting something lovely…something wonderful…something terrific. How would that positive anticipation change a situation? Change us? It can happen you know. Rather than sitting around tallying up a burdensome number of sad stories, disappointing news, or troubling accounts; why not focus on the good?

Consider this real life account of turning the tables on everything that can possibly go wrong with a person’s health. Where do we find the more desperate and dire cases? In hospitals, of course. From the tiniest and frailest amongst us to the oldest and longest lived, those who inhabit medical facilities remind us that every single breath we breathe is a gift. Life is precious. For good reason, hospitals frequently are the most feared places on earth. No one wants to be reminded of the frailty of life. And yet one particularly in-tune, savvy hospital recognized what their patients (families and staff) needed most weren’t miracle cures. What they needed (and what we all need) were hopeful reminders that yes, hard things happen in this life, but beauty arises just the same.

This particular hospital made it a policy to play a baby’s lullaby over their speaker system every single time a baby boy or baby girl was born on the premises. Imagine the impact a simple child’s song has on everyone (patient, visitor, or staff) whenever this gentle tune plays. Multiple times a day every person within earshot hears a powerful reminder that new life prevails. The hopeless regain their will to live. The grieving pause to celebrate with another’s joy. Those harboring dark thoughts suddenly change tracks. The weakened in body are reminded that a new life with all its possibilities has been born.

We are the ones who get to choose what our thoughts linger on…so let’s get busy focusing on developing our gratefulness antennas. Let us begin and end each day counting up our blessings by following the Philippians 4: 13 rule to think about that which is, “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.” Once we start giving our thanks out loud we’ll find ourselves saying (and meaning), “It’s always something…and that’s a good thing!”