4 Steps to Beating End-of-the-Year Burnout


How to stay on task as the year winds down

It’s no surprise that everyone starts to mentally check out towards the end of the year. The weather change plunges you into a stay-at-home mood, holiday decorations clutter your home and work space and the party begins. It’s hard to stay focused on work with all the much-needed time off and the holiday excitement contending for your attention. In order to stay on task and get ahead of the end-of-the-year check-out, here are four ways to stay checked in and set yourself up for a fabulous work year.

Write your own review.

Look back at the last 12 months and consider all of your accomplishments and contributions. How did you improve your position, department or company? Be proactive and write your own review highlighting all of your achievements. Then present this to your manager. She will appreciate your self-reflection and engagement, and this may leave her with a positive impression when it comes time for her to write yours!

Plan goals for next year.

Get your 2019 goals together now. Think about what you want to achieve in your near future. It could be a promotion, obtaining new clients or attending a specific training class. Document your goals by constructing a quarterly timeline to highlight your planned activities. Schedule time with your manager and review your 2019 plans with her. This will demonstrate your assertiveness, determination and strategic thinking.

Take time to reflect.

The end of the year is a great time to reflect and conduct a personal assessment. Think about what worked well for you and what didn’t. What would you do differently? We all have strong points, and we all have areas of opportunity. The purpose of this exercise is to take ownership of your career and determine how to propel your professional growth.

Plan your holiday vacation time now.

Don’t procrastinate! It’s easy to let vacation time slip by when you’re absorbed in a work project or task. Put your holiday vacation days on your calendar now, and tell your boss, coworkers and clients when you will be out. If it’s on your schedule now, you can plan around any important end of year meetings and catch others before they head out for the holidays.

With 2019 around the corner, the holidays are about to consume our time, thoughts and energy.  Proper end of the year preparation will not only keep you planned and organized, but also help set the pace and tone for the upcoming year. So give this gift to yourself, sit back and drink that second cup of eggnog.


Holly Caplan is a workplace issues expert, career coach and author of Surviving the Dick Clique: A Girl's Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. For more information, please visit, www.hollycaplan.com and connect with her on Twitter, @hollymcaplan.