Note to Self: Cultivating Positive Self-Talk


Become mindful of the messages you send yourself.

We all do it even if we won’t admit it—we all talk to ourselves. Most often we make these under-our-breath comments like, How could I have forgotten that?or “I hope no one else saw that.” But sometimes our comments can be a bit more critical or even downright mean—“How could I have been so stupid? or I’m a complete idiot. Why do I keep messing up?”

These internal conversations can happen without us even thinking about them. They just happen. And usually what we say to ourselves has more impact on who we believe we are than anything that others may say or do. For this reason, it’s important that we stop and think about the types of messages we’re sending ourselves.

These internal “notes to self” can actually affect our life outcomes. For example, if you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re a screw-up, you’re probably going to make more than your share of mistakes or missteps. But what if we replaced our negative “notes to self” with positive affirmations and facts, not only about who we are, but about who we can become?

Self-talk is a powerful thing. The voices in our heads have more influence on us than we realize. Sometimes verbal abuse can be self-inflicted. But now that you know the power of your words, you can pledge to reprogram your inner voice by creating your own customized “note to self” that celebrates your potential and your gifts.

Become aware of the messages you send yourself. Whenever your notice that your self-talk sounds more like criticism than honest critique, take a breath and reset. After all, if you can’t speak kindly to yourself about yourself, why would anyone else?