"Chewbacca Mom" Candace Payne shares how to Consider It Joy

It was the laugh heard ‘round the world when Candace Payne tried on a Chewbacca mask, erupted into contagious laughter, and guffawed her way right into our hearts. Just in time for Christmas, she has created a new resource to help us intentionally choose joy.

Consider It Joy (Broadstreet, Nov 2018) is a six-month guided (and customizable) bullet journal, perfect for the beginner or the expert. “I am so excited to give the world a tool to make space and margin to consider joy in everyday moments,” says Candace. “For the crafty and un-crafty alike, this is something I believe can be used and reused for a short, 6-month season to earnestly consider it all joy!” If you’ve always wanted to start a bullet journal but have been intimidated by the concept and aren’t sure where to start, this is an accessible tool just for you!

Hope For Women’s book editor chatted recently with Candace about joy, laughter, and why it’s important to be intentional about both.

Q: Just for fun: What’s something that’s made you laugh lately?

Candace: My kids make me laugh every day. I am daily astounded at the amount of shade such small children can throw at you. They seem completely unaware that I am responsible for keeping them fed and alive. Currently? The topic of discussion is my eyebrows…the various shapes and colors they have been. Even though they are roasting me, I find myself laughing every time. I mean, I guess that means we need to add sarcasm as a love language.

Q: As we are entering the ‘season of joy’, is there a specific song(s) on repeat in your house?

together this christmas.jpg

Candace: I really love fun albums that make you want to dance around the Christmas tree. That was my hope in releasing my own Christmas EP, “Together This Christmas”. Not to be a humble brag, but my kiddos ask our “Alexa” to play “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” as sung by their momma. But, when they’re in bed? My guilty pleasure is Jordan Smith’s entire Christmas album from last season. I can’t get enough of it!

Q: You are all about embracing simple joy. What most often holds us back from experiencing joy?

Candace: There are a few things that surface over and over again to hold us back from really experiencing joy. But, I believe one of the most consistent struggles we all face is contentment. Whether we are longing for more stuff, a different home or location, or to even be a different person than we are…there’s something that traps our joy in discontent. I honestly believe if we knew how to embrace all we have right now, we could see margin for joy in our thoughts and relationships. And, believe you me, I struggle with discontent daily as well. It is a choice that I have to make to lift my eyes and see with gratitude all that I have already in my grasp and know that it is more than enough.

Q: Sometimes our best-laid holiday plans go horribly awry? How can we turn those epic fails into simple joy?

Candace: Don’t take anything too seriously. Your plans, your decorations, your family dynamics, your meal, nor yourself. Lighten the expectation for perfection and laugh it up when it seems reality destroys your expectation. Some of my favorite memories are epic fails that became best lived moments. Be present over a desire to be perfect. Your time and attention will always be remembered over the best-laid holiday plans.

consider it joy.jpg

Q: What can readers expect from Consider It Joy? What is your favorite aspect of the book?

Candace: My hope is that they will find joy in the intentionality of planning, keeping track, and dreaming of their everyday schedule. It’s a six month guided bullet journal where I have given fill-in habit trackers, monthly and weekly calendars, and left creative space to write out a monthly vision board and dream again. How can we expect to uncover joy if it’s buried six feet deep under a busy schedule without any wiggle-room whatsoever? My favorite aspect of this book is that it is a TOOL for those who are serious about finding joy. And? It doesn’t require a whole year…just a jump start for six months.

Q: Why is it important to intentionally make time for joy?

Candace: Joy is something that must be seen and appreciated. Left unchecked, you could miss so many opportunities to live in a moment that’s offering joy like you never imagined possible. Take account. Make space. Cherish. That’s the good stuff life is made of. I think it’s the utmost importance to live intentionally looking to find joy around every corner.

Q: Where have you found hope lately?

Candace: I find hope in my faith. Ultimately, I believe that God is for me.  I believe God is good.  I believe that He is the giver of all good things. Because I can hold that as truth in my heart and mind? I can honestly hope for the best in all things. I can take every moment and every day and consider it ALL joy.

Candace Payne is an author, speaker and viral sensation. Her 2016 Facebook Live video, which shows her trying on a Chewbacca Mask, holds the record for the most-viewed Facebook Live video in history (170+ million views) and resulted in her becoming internationally known as “Chewbacca Mom.”  She has been featured in more than 3,000 media outlets including “Good Morning America,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” The New York Times, PEOPLE, and Cosmopolitan. She is the author of Laugh It UpDefiant Joy and Simple Joys. Candace lives in Texas with her husband, two children, and ornery pugs.