Holiday Decorations Made Simple For Any Holiday


During the holiday season, we search for decorations for our home. I have many clients ask me if it is ok to do a nontraditional decorating décor. Some of my clients have smaller homes, due to downsizing, and large décor pieces are not needed. So, I will agree that adding new ideas to what you have and creating smaller holiday décor in your space, can be exciting.

So, if your space is small or grand here are some decorative ideas for the holiday season.

·         Glass vases, in all shapes and sizes, can be grouped with round holidays ornaments, or decorative folded ribbon. They make beautiful centerpieces for the holiday.

·         Use décor items, you already have. I have a medium size coat hanger at my front door. During the holiday season I hang fun festive items with our everyday items. My homemade small decorated wreath shares the hooks and add festive characteristic to my functional wall.

·         If you have a staircase you can purchase garland from your local craft store and add beautiful felt, silk or plastic flowers to it. Then hang the garland on your banister.

·         I adore ornaments of all colors and styles. I string them up then hang them from my chandeliers, lamps and ceiling fans.

·         I love to collect interior design books, self-help books and how-to books. I use them as décor items during the holidays. I decorate them with festive holiday paper or thin felt with traced cut out holiday-themed silhouettes and place them on my coffee table.

·         One of my favorite holiday décor creation is to use my collected holiday themed plates as a wall collage conversation piece. You can find holiday themed plates at your local thrift or craft store.

·         During the winter holidays we desire a cozy warm feeling. I use holiday themed pillows and throws on beds, chairs and sofas throughout the home. Your family and guest will love it.

·         Dinning chair dress up is a way to add to the dining room table décor for your holiday fun. Tie ornaments, natural outdoor limbs or flowers to wide ribbons and drape them over the back of your chairs. Match the ribbon color to your home decor for a look that is all your own.

·         My make-over-mirror display is a décor enhancement that allows me to repurpose any mirror in my home. I hang ornaments or a homemade wreath for the holiday.  Mirror writing markers are another way to leave notes to family and friends throughout your home.

Whatever you choose for any holiday decoration, enjoy the nontraditional way to decorate. Try some fun and festive decorations to bring smiles to your family and guest.