How to make 2019 your best year yet


Actionable advice for personal and professional excellence

Because I had the right priorities, the right relationships and the presence of God in my life, I experienced tremendous growth in 2018. These three factors produced peace, joy and accomplishment, while drastically reducing wasted time. Life is better than it’s ever been, and the best is yet to come.

I’m preparing for an even greater 2019, and I invite you to join me. In addition to maintaining the beneficial life-components I’ve already established, I’m adding three new nuggets of wisdom, so feel free to adopt them as your own.

Compete like you have something to lose.

Competition can be a controversial topic. Some women are aggressively competitive, while others decide to play it safe by avoiding the game completely. For 2019, I’ve identified my true competition. It’s not myself, nor is it other women. Instead, I will be competing against the agony of knowing I didn’t try or that I didn’t give my absolute best. It’s me against the pain of regret, and I plan to pursue the win relentlessly.

Focus on that which is authentically you.

Thanks to social media and other electronic platforms, I have access to a plethora of business, fashion, social and self-help ideas. However, wisdom and discipline require me to make this declaration almost every day: “That’s wonderful, but it’s not for me.” Constructing an inauthentic image for myself is not on the agenda for 2019. Instead, I will only focus on that which is authentically me- my talents, skills, expertise, fashion, hosting style and social life.

Establish a rubric for every life-project.

In graduate school, rubrics were my best friends. I would read them at the onset of every project, consult them throughout and compare my finished products to their standards. I used the rubric as my guide because I wanted to get the best grade. So to get the best grade in 2019, I’m adopting a rubric for every life-project. I plan to clearly define, ahead of time and in writing, clear standards and guidelines for every project take on.

So as I close out 2018 with a smile, I move into 2019 with great expectations. I’m ready to compete and win in the areas that are authentic to me, and I’ll do it all with pre-planned standards of excellence. I hope you can join me.