It Is Done...


July is the seventh month of the year. It’s hard to believe, but six months have passed. It’s easy to look at the list of resolutions that you were so excited about in January and feel awful if you haven’t made much progress. What happens when you haven’t even started on the things you said you wanted to do? Then what happens? We promise ourselves that we’re going to get back on the horse and double—no triple—our efforts so we can “catch up” and still make it to the end of the year, having checked everything off of our super to-do lists.

I used to do the same thing.

But then, I had an epiphany. Whether I started something, stuck with it or discarded it, only to pick up something new, didn’t matter. What mattered most was my mindset and the way that I saw myself. What mattered most was how much I valued myself and my growth, development and happiness.

This month, we offer tips, tools, activities and methods that will help you identify your goals, map out a plan, implement it and then complete it. But none of the great articles and interviews that you’re going to read mean a hill of beans if you haven’t made up in your mind that you want to say to yourself, “It is done!”

Because, ultimately, whether you believe you can, or you believe that you can’t—you’re right.

Setting a goal and seeing it through is all about making a decision—not expressing a hope, a wish, a dream or desire. Decisions are honored with action. Decisions honor who you see yourself as. They are honoring the value that you place on being your best self. Decisions honor those things that give you a sense of peace, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride and, yes, a sense of hope—creating a better future and a better you.

Seven is the number of completion. I’d like to challenge you during the seventh month of this year to take an honest look at what you see as the most important and valuable aspects about you and your growth. What is that one thing that you really want to do or be?

Don’t waste valuable time beating yourself up about what you haven’t done. Life happens. Things get pushed to the side. That’s in the past. But what is important is what you’re going to do about it now. How are you going to show up for yourself? How are you going to be true to yourself? How are you going to show you that you value you?

Talk is cheap. People say things all the time that they ultimately don’t mean because they fail to act on the words they have spoken. We’ve all had people who have let us down. Now, it’s your turn to show up for yourself. Be the example. Make a decision. Take action. Then say, “It is done!”

CareerKeisha A Rivers