The Party is Almost Over - So, Dance Now!


When we were young, older people would say, “Time is moving so fast!” Well, now that we are a bit older than we were, but younger than they are, we can see just how true that statement is. July is already here and, for many of us, those “take time for yourself” goals haven’t been accomplished. Some of those goals haven’t even been visited since they were written down earlier in the year. This would make most people feel defeated. You are not defeated. This just means you have to get a plan of action right now. Later is already in your rearview mirror.

Create a concrete, achievable plan. Look at the days left for summer, and tally any vacation days from work you have left. Then, sit down, look over that note you wrote about what you wanted to do this summer. Pinpoint two things that you believe are still achievable. Now, decide what you can do in the city, and what will require about a four-hour car drive. I say four hours because that is enough distance to be away, but close enough that you can leave in the morning and be there before dark. Depending on the city you live in, it may be cheaper to fly. Frontier and Southwest can get you most places cheaply with a direct flight. Look into that really expensive hotel downtown. I’ve learned that some, to fill rooms during the week, offer deals with a few add-ins, like a discount on spa services or theater tickets.

The key is to move. You can’t put this off any longer. Today is your new tomorrow. If you think you can’t afford to do much, look over what you did last week. You spent money on lunch, your nails, your hair, happy hour with friends, another run to the grocery store, a pair of shoes and that new sundress. Yes, you can afford anything you want. You just have to decide where you want to spend your money. Instead of binge watching a TV show, or surfing the internet during lunch, go to some websites, call some places, and book yourself a summer goal. What will surprise you is not how the actual destination or event will make you feel, but how the action itself will do wonders for you. Doing something you wanted to do for yourself increases your outlook on all facets of your life. If you can do this, then anything you want to change or add to your life is also doable. All it takes is movement on your part.

The regrets most people have toward the end of life are not the things they did, but the things they didn’t do. You still have time to make something happen. Stop reading and start making plans. Don’t have regrets about the summer of 2018.

LifestyleNichelle Rae