The Whole in One


Golf. Millions of people live to plant their feet on flat or hilly greens. Some play golf for recreational enjoyment, and others for recreational employment. According to an article written by the Sauton Golf Club, the purpose of the game is simple: get your ball in the hole with fewest swings possible. Easier said than done, right?

Imagine watching a televised golf tournament that only lasts 15 minutes because everyone gets their ball in the hole on the first try. It takes the fun and thrill out of the game if there’s no test of fortitude and strength to win the game. 

The game of being whole in this life is very simple. Let your losses and your wins play on the same course. Wholeness is about unity within oneself. So what better way to experience this unity than to allow mishaps, unfortunate circumstances and disappointments to serve alongside of victory and triumph? Show me a humble, successful person, and I’ll show you someone who has had a few bogeys (golf term for multiple attempts to land a hole) in life. Being total or whole isn’t about making every shot within the first 15 minutes of your journey. It’s about learning how to effectively maneuver through whatever course you have been given and coming out on the winning side. And winning doesn’t always mean getting a trophy at the end. We win when we listen, learn, improve, readjust, forgive, love, progress and evolve. No matter how many swings you have to take to get to where it is you need to be, swing and keep swinging. If you want to experience wholeness of mind, body, soul and Spirit, don’t stop in the middle of your life. Play every course along your journey, and you’ll achieve your whole in one!


Val Ward is a graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. A wife and mother of four, Val is also  a  freelance writer, Singer, Songwriter, inspirational speaker, actress and sketch comedian.

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