Home Sweet Home


What does home mean to you? Is home a place we yearn for after we leave for school, work or our vacation? Is it a place to store our goods, to sleep, to eat? Is it a place where we place our precious items that we share with family and friends? Whatever home means to you, your home should be your dwelling place. I have learned as an interior designer that our home is very much a part of who we are. We should present our home as a sweet haven for all who enter.

Our homes can be exciting, energized and enhancing to everyone who resides there or visits. I have always used my experience as an interior design in each room of my home, and many other homes. I have some simple to-do enhancements you can implement in your home listed below. On any given day, these tips can change your entire décor space in your home to become different, exciting and inviting.

  • Kitchenware Display: Use your favorite ceramic decorative pitchers, plates and large mugs to decorate your countertops and shelving in your kitchen and dining room. I love to display my kitchenware from world travels.
  • Rearrange Furniture: I adore moving my furniture around in my family room. It makes the room look different and it feels larger, at times. I like to show how by moving the furniture around in a room can change the ambience.
  • Paint Options: I love to use small quart-size paint containers or spray cans. It is a way to show your personality. Let’s take small steps by adding quick, hourly painting projects. Paint an accent wall or ceiling, specific furniture pieces, or small flower pots and picture frames.
  • Add Accessories: Change your look by using a variety of colors. Change the textures with throws and pillows. Candles and rugs are a treat to any space in your home. I change these items seasonally.
  • Create Softer Touches: When we change our sheets and towels, our rooms look refreshed. I love to change my bedding seasonally, as well. Change in our décor allows us to be in the present season, and each season brings about its own feelings.
  • Table Toppers & Bookcases: As an avid home décor collector, I adore unique items. I want to show these pieces to my family and guests. You might want to get coffee table books and wicker baskets for storage. They are also great conversation starters.
  • Photographs and Fresh Cut Flowers: These items bring your home to life. Display photos as singled framed items, or create a wall gallery style from floor to ceiling. Not only is it attractive, but the photos can be a reminder of family, friends and special events that will bring smiles and memories to whomever sees them. Plants add the feeling of outdoors to your décor. I adore fresh cut flowers and indoor plants. You can use pretty vases that are made of ceramic or glass.


Maurita Sutton Brown is the Multi-Experienced Diva, that travels the world learning about others in their culture and the diversity of their lifestyles. Being a unique Interior Designer & Life Coach allows her to express her desire to help women be the best they can be.