Decluttering and Organizing Your Space for Summer


Have you noticed the increase of summer commercial? I have. This is how I know that Summer is right around the corner. As much as we love Spring, Summer is the time to brighten, freshen, and create an atmosphere that’s filled with vibrant colors.  Summerizing your home doesn’t have to be hard, it’s easy peezy and I get to show you how .
The days of layering your clothes is over. Today we run with open arms into Summer. I know standing in front of the mirror taking off the scarves, boots, afghans, and trading them for brighter and lighter fabrics is a relief. 

Use Storage Bags-Transition into Summer by using Ziploc’s 5 piece organizing bags saved space and time.  Ziploc’s organizing bags allowed me to use minimal bags for storing clothes and blankets plus they were easy for me to unseal once lady Winter decided to come around again.  HINT: Don’t forget to use cedar block to keep pest away.
Switch Your Linens- With Summer being a busy season with kids out of school and family outings, we get to freshen our bedding with lighter fabrics especially since the air conditioner is used a lot more. It’s best to use choose thin blankets that are the same material as the sheets or in another light fabric so that the air can circulate better for a restful night. 
A place for everything and everything in its place- Creating a fun centralized place for magazines, mail and toys can change the vibe in the house. You can do this in the kitchen if you have room or in a home office by using bright colored bins or colorful office trays. Another way is to clear out a closet to store all the winter toys and clothes.  
Use Colors That POP- It’s Summer so let show Summer some love by using colors that pop. The colors we choose in our home will set the mood from high energy colors like orange or yellows to a calming lavender or periwinkle. If painting the walls are not your cup of tea, try using fresh flowers, pillows, and books to add a little POP to your home. A friend of mine went all out by changing her lamp shades to fuchsia for the summer. Now that’s being dedicated to the season.

There you have it, you’ve immediately conquered clutter and summarized your home the quick and easy way!

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