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Fall is my favorite season of the year! Our days are shorter and, before we know it, the holidays are here. I love to keep divine order in our home. Now that school has started, and football season is up and going, I must have things set in place to keep our home in order. I have some solutions and tips to help you do the same. You can create a routine to support your efforts if there are children in the home or if you are already empty nesters. Fall organizing can mean a change in your décor arrangements, which becomes a functional system for your family. Routines for your home can make life easy. You can create modest routines for your family as well.

Everything Must Have Its Place

  • Medium baskets near the steps or entryway to your home, or a cozy space in the hallway, will allow you to keep socks and soft slippers at your fingertips for the cool fall days.

  • Large metal bins, with chalk magnet labels to write names on them, can help by storing everyone’s catch-all. Also, clutter can be controlled by leaving personal items in the mudroom.

  • Large baskets can be used to hold extra pillows and cozy throws for your relaxing and movie nights.

  • Using a wooden box for storing your remote controls will keep everyone happy.

  • Add some shelving and double hooks in a hallway and/or garage area to hang jackets, scarves and rain boots to simplify things.

Fall Snacks & Treats For Everyone

  • Fixing fun quick eats is a routine thing I do for my family in any season. I fill mason jars with dry snacks, like my favorite trail mix: dry coconut pieces, chewy cranberries, dried pineapples, almonds and papaya pieces. I do a cute label and sit the jars on a tray with fresh flowers to welcome everyone.

  • My neighbor’s favorite is small granola bars in a mason jar for a quick grab. Choose many flavors, cut them in small pieces and place them into the jars.

  • Chex Mix is an all-time fav for my guests. Triscuit thin crisps, pretzels, Honey Nut Cheerios, raisins and pecans also add great flavor!

Quick Stay On One Accord

  • Wall-framed calendars with a glass cover, a marker to write and an eraser will keep everyone’s schedule for daily appointments in full view.

  • Integrity with one’s time is very important so make sure all clocks are in sync.

  • My favorite way to start tomorrow on the right foot is by organizing clean laundry, clearing dishes from the sink or dishwasher, packing backpacks, making lunches and having all paperwork for family members signed and in order.

  • Prayer, coffee and fruit can start the day off right.

Have a happy fall!

Photo by Stephanie Studer on Unsplash

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