History Makers Rarely Know They Are Making History


Do you have a vision for your life? Have you spent time with God and allowed Him to show you His plan for your life? Will you let Him make history through you? No matter where you are in the process, we could all use a dose of encouragement to keep running this race called life.

As I was searching for a sermon on YouTube, I found myself gravitating toward sermon titles that seemed new and exciting. But then, I stumbled across an older sermon by a man named Derek Prince. As I was listening to the teaching called “Spiritual Stability,” he reminded me that looking for something new will keep you in a perpetual state of always searching for something. If you are always looking for something, you tend not to pay attention to the minuscule tasks that require your attention day in and day out.

Without a clear vision of who we are, we cling to words like diet for a quick fix, never addressing the root cause of needing to change our overall diet. Having a revelation of how God sees us through Jesus will provide a clear vision of who we are in the eyes of our Creator. This clear vision happens when the Word of God is flowing through your life. In return, the Word of God will crush any quick fixes because you will always be focused on what He says you are!

Since more than half of the year is in the books, my challenge to you is to practice contentment. Yes, you have dreams and goals that require hard work and determination. But I also know that if you put your focus on your relationship with Jesus, He will always prove Himself faithful! The key to this is obeying His timing.

Persevere. Be steadfast and faithful. These words come to mind when I think of being content and managing the small things in life. As you are faithful in your day-to-day life, God watches your heart condition. Not everything has to be posted or shared on social media. Remember, when you have a clear vision of whose you are, we know that God is always watching and willing to reward what is not seen in private, publicly.

Open your Bible, read the Scriptures and enjoy the simple truths that are given to us. The enemy wants you to work hard at being super spiritual, learning the newest and greatest pastors and sermons, yet not enjoying the simplicity of just spending time with God alone. Let’s reset this month and finish strong, trusting God’s promises as we read them for ourselves.

What you do every day is important. In a world that loves providing negative news, let’s hold tightly to the best news yet—that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! Let’s finish this race strong!