Don't Let Fear Cast a Shadow on Your Faith

You were made to be brave—it’s time to walk with a fearless confidence of God’s plan for your life


While we may not wear cute red capes and frolic through our days dodging wild animals in the forest, there are likely a great number of us who can relate to the angst of the beloved Little Red Riding Hood.

By most accounts, fear—and all of the anxiety, trembling, nervousness, and uncertainty that comes with it—is a universal truth. If permitted, it can attach itself to every aspect of life—good, bad, and ugly. It’s a distraction by special design. Sometimes we welcome it, dress it nicely in Morgan Freeman’s chauffeur attire, have the whole back seat, and call ourselves Ms. Daisy.

But it will debilitate you, leaving you physically, emotionally, and spiritually powerless, creating a pseudo shelter that actually keeps your blessings at bay. It can blind you of who you were, who you are, and whom you’ve yet to become. Essentially, it creates a life in complete darkness.

Fear will pose itself as that vicious wolf in the flesh, resembling more than a few challenges in the face of your reality. You know your story, and real life is often far from a fairytale. At times, life seems to move at lightning speed while you wait to make your next move, not knowing why or how you got stuck. There are so many roles to play, and everyone but you seems to know his or her own lines. It’s a suffocating feeling—one that lures you to dwell “safely” in stagnation, a state of settlement.

Fortunately, for each one of us, faith is an option. Perhaps if Miss Little Riding Hood were aware of David’s faceoff with Goliath, we would’ve witnessed a more timely demise of her frightening predator. With faith, you don’t have to live in fear. It has the wherewithal to conquer the tiniest and the most destructive beasts that wreak havoc in your life, all of which are completely out of your control. By faith, we can take back our God-given lives. 

Oftentimes we live in reaction to other people’s opinions or ideas of us and the women we should be. We’re afraid to disappoint, of judgment, of being wrong, and sometimes even of being right. In light of all of God’s gifts—love, power, peace, comfort, joy, and grace, to name a handful—we often still allow fear to cast shade over all of the wonderful blessings that we should be celebrating. We can’t see that, by walking in these gifts, we’re relieved of the world’s burden of proof.

God didn’t give you a fearful spirit. On the contrary, He wants you to “laugh without fear of the future” because He is a God of peace. And as a fearless creation, you can go to the mirror and finally meet the standard face to face—God’s standard. Look the beautiful woman staring back at you in the eyes, unafraid of who’s looking back. Find out who she is—she needs you, and God wants you. When you see her, tell her that she is loved and protected. Remind her that she is a unique mold for the Kingdom of God. Tell her that He has her covered.

Everything begins with a thought, each one carrying its own unrealized revelation. Thoughts have the ability to nourish fear and invite captivity or to be aligned with God’s Word to manifest a supernatural power to starve it. We must capture our thoughts to escape the fears we’ve nestled so comfortably within. Cast out all that is doubtful, hopeless, and of no substance. Take in the meat of God’s promises. Confess them to yourself. Meditate. Commit to knowing who He is, and then ask yourself, “Whom shall I fear?”

Consume His grace and mercy. This practice perfects peace and produces courage—courage that leads to victories and deliverance. It’s OK to relinquish control. It’s better. Don’t be consumed by this fear-riddled world; rather, retreat to the Spirit, where there’s refuge and solace. In any moment, remind yourself of the goodness of God, and above all else, take time to pray—it has the power to change things.

Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Nina Nicole is a writer, photographer, and passionate social service professional who’s inspired by those she serves. Inciting self-awareness and spiritual growth drive her purpose.