Get Your Head Back in the Game


I had an amazing summer. I traveled to beautiful places and stayed in luxurious five-star hotels. I ate indulgent foods.  I went on romantic dates with my husband, spent exciting quality time with my children, laughed over dinner with family and friends, cried at sensational theater and stage productions, danced at concerts, relaxed at the best spas…I had a really good summer and I didn’t want it to end.   Despite the desire to continue my summertime behavior, there was a harsh reality coming around the corner.  This reality was as welcomed as doing planks (I hate planks), omitting carbs from my diet (I love carbs), and sticking to a budget even when my favorite boutique is having a sale.  The reality is I had to reunite with my responsible routine and I didn’t welcome that reality with open arms.

Here’s a truth: There’s a time to work and a time to play. The ability to play big is typically the result of working smart.  However, knowing this truth doesn’t always make resuming a regular routine easier. I’m not sure there’s anything that makes it easier, but there are a few ways to strengthen your motivation.  If you’re preparing to return to work, school, an exercise/eating program, etc. after vacation, here are tips to get you started.

Remember Your Why (It starts in your mind) – There’s a reason why you accepted your current career position, adopted your particular eating and/or fitness program, or enrolled in your selected field of study.  Your vacation, as amazing as it may have been, did not (and should not) change your “why”.  Sit and reconnect with your why, and then allow it to speak louder than the memory of your vacation.

Count the Cost – What happens if you don’t resume your pre-vacation routine?  Does your income and promotion possibility go down?  Does your weight go up?  Does your graduation date move farther away?  You can give every excuse in the book for why you need just one more day, but you has also have to determine if it’s worth it.    If delaying your return to real life is truly in your best interest then you may want to pray about making some adjustments to your current situation.  Vacation or not, you deserve to be happy.

Ease vs. Plunge – Can you ease back into your routine?  The date you return to work may not be flexible, but maybe your work hours are.  Can you go in a little later the first week?  Can you start working out three days a week and build up to five.   Consider giving yourself a buffer between vacation and “real life” by shortening your tip a day.

Returning to your pre-vacation life isn’t always easy, but it is necessary.  Get your head back in the game by reuniting with the routine that made you prosperous, happy, healthy and smart. 


Vetta Cash Wife, Mom, Writer, Co Pastor, Emotional Health Advocate, Host of the Breathe Conference, Tea connoisseur & some other really cool stuff, but most of all I love Jesus! Her true passion is to spark boldness in women to walk with confidence.

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