What's a parent to do when screen time creates havoc in the house?


When it comes to kids and technology, parents can always use a little help. Kids are getting smartphones earlier than ever – and knowing how to best manage your kids’ smartphone activity can be tricky if you don’t have the right tools.

At Verizon, we’re committed to educating parents with the help of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) – and also providing responsible products and services like Smart Family. Verizon has been a partner with FOSI since its founding in 2007.

FOSI Founder and CEO, Stephen Balkam, also recently met with influencer groups and parents to share safe digital parenting practices in the Midwest, a group that included Hope for Women magazine Editor-in-Chief, Angelia White.

Those who attended took a close-up look at Verizon Smart Family, which gives parents access to the most comprehensive mobile parenting tools in the industry.

“Being a mother of two digital daughters is very new to me,” said Breanne Barger, owner of The BreeLeigh House blog. “We all know parenting doesn’t come with a training manual and there's definitely not a section regarding good digital parenting, either. We are all just trying to figure this process out as we go.”

“So thankful Verizon has stepped up and created a product like Verizon Smart Family. I am eternally thankful for meeting with Stephen Balkam, Founder and CEO of FOSI. His wisdom, advice and resource regarding the 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting has changed the way I will interact and safeguard with my children while online.”

Cathy Eddington, mother of two boys ages 7 and 10, and owner of Cathy’s Voice blog, said, “I had a lot of fears about allowing my boys access to their own digital devices. But with Verizon’s Smart Family, many of those fears are put at ease. In this social media driven society, that’s huge to me.”

With Verizon Smart Family, parents get these management tools:

Location tracking for alerts about where kids are traveling

Screen time management to pause the internet on both cellular and Wi-Fi

Content filters to block inappropriate websites and apps

Parents can get Verizon Smart Family for $4.99 per month, or upgrade to Verizon Smart Family Premium with location tracking for $9.99 per month.

If you’d like to share more information on Verizon Smart Family in your social media circles, check out Breanne’s blog, or visit the FOSI website for additional resources and tips for parents.

For more details visit Smart Family from Verizon

Have a safe back-to-school experience this fall!


About the author: Andy Choi is Verizon's PR Manager for the Great Lakes market. As a tech enthusiast and former TV news anchor/reporter, he loves showing how people's lives can be made easier thanks to the use of new technologies.