Seeding in the Decor World


Planting seeds is a sign of growth for the near future. Seeds in the décor world exist in many different forms as we design and decorate our homes to be in divine order. In our homes we must set our décor spaces to support what we believe in: organization and functionality. Our home is our haven where we love, live and share laughter. Harvest time bring about design elements to represent the family in a new season. School has started, the hours are longer and the family request good eats & plenty of warm beverages. Cooking and decorating for the new season can be amazing; let’s get started.

Here are some tips to planting seeds in your home to keep memories and love flowing into the holidays.

The Kitchen

Oh, this space has always been the center of the home to create those memorable moments that your family and friends will love for ever. For organization create a family heirloom cook book of old and new favorite family recipes. Take a family photo and use on the cover for the family cook book.

The Living Room/Family Room

I adore this space, so I create it to be cozy and comfortable for my family. I use a large oversized basket in a corner or at the edge of the sofa for easy access to a throw for each family member. We use throws to stay warm while we watch movies, tell stories and eat the evening desserts that my husband and I create together. 

The Foyer, Hallway or Stairwell

When planting seeds in the home these areas are used for showcasing our family’s prized possessions. You can showcase current sport event moments also current certifications and awards. The little ones’ art work will bring joy and smiles to everyone who sees them. Display these items in picture frames in a collage style.

The Dining Room

The dining room is where we learn about each other as family and friends. I love to add conversation pieces to each place setting. Often, I will add a photo of our children or my guests, so we can reminisce about previous life moments.

The Front Door

One of my favorite places to plant a seed for my home and those that enter is our front porch entry. I love fluffy colorful seasonal themed wreaths that say WELCOME! So, from the roadside to your first step into our home I want you to feel and know that you are entering a home full of love, life and laughter.

Planting seeds in the home can become a very enjoyable tradition that changes as your family grows. Enjoy your family and guest gatherings as you create life long memories.