New Season, New Skin: Prep your skin for the season ahead


Adjusting our skincare routine to transition into the cooler seasons

Despite, the few hiccups of sunny 80 degree weather, summer has officially ran its course. Ready or not, here fall comes and it is up to us to keep up. This goes beyond trading in your signature iced cold brew for a warm pumpkin spice latte. This season’s transition is skin deep. Pat Manet, product specialist and LPN at Lifetime Skin Care Center, is here to help your skin part ways with summer’s light breeze and welcome fall’s crisp chill.

Between the brisk air and the furnace set to high all season round, the dewy skin you met last month becomes unfamiliar. This skin is dry and itchy unlike before. Even though a woman’s skin I.D. varies from the next, Manet has a simple routine for each woman’s individualized skin type.

First things first, cleanse! Recycling this step from last season’s regimine is like a denim jacket. It never goes out of style. This deep cleanse can be paired with the occasional exfoliating polish followed by a toner to equalize PH levels. Together, this formula will remove surface debris from the skin creating a clean slate for moisture to penetrate the skin.

After all, hydration is the most important step in this routine. The hardworking hyaluronic acid maintains the moisture in our thirsty skin. Water seems to be a constant in most products, but when it teams up with glycerin and fragrance, these seemingly impressive results are merely surface level. In other words, it is what Dr. Drew Anderson  refers to as a “feel good product.”

 This means that your favorite apple cinnamon with shea body butter solely contributes to your cozy fall vibes. Sure, you’ll smell sweet, but this thick whipped custard prevents the body from producing its natural moisture. As the saying goes, you may “feel good” to the touch, but its temporary effect offers no beneficial change to your skin. Before you slather your fall favorites into your palms, use it moderately. Manet presents an alternative moisturizer to keep our skin nurtured.

Here’s two words you might not have seen coming -- sunscreen and fall. Eighty percent of aging comes from these rays. “We are exposed to light that harms skin 365 days a year,” says Manet. Don’t let the cool air fool you. The sun can catch us off guard by reflecting off snow or magnifying through the car windows as we drive. A daily dose of a sunscreen with at least 30 to 50 spf multitasks by protecting and hydrating. Turning in your sunscreen and exchanging it for Retinol in your nighttime routine increases cell turnover. Together, these products offer refuge for your nourishment seeking skin.

Like every year, fall is creeping up on us once again. This time, our skin won’t be blindsided when the drop in temperature gives you the cold shoulder. This year’s transition from summer to fall means stocking up in moisturizer and moving the sunscreen to the front of the cabinet for this season’s skin maintenance.

I am a Chicago Heights native currently studying Journalism as an undergraduate at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.