Amplify Your Voice: Take your opinion to polls this fall


Like many people, I have a burning desire to do something that will make my community better.  I want to help more women, educate more children, see people receive increased wages and better jobs, and so much more. I want to do all these things, but I can’t do them alone.  So, what do I do?  Doing nothing is not an option.   I vote.   This fall I will proudly and urgently visit the election polls and cast my vote for the candidates I believe will address the issues that are important to me.  I invite you to do the same- here’s how you can get started.

Decide that Politics Do Matter

I talk to many women who say they don’t vote because they’re not political.   What those women fail to realize is that politics is about more than political parties. Politics play a major role in many aspects of our everyday lives and labeling oneself as non-political does not change that. Politics contributes to decisions made in your children’s schools. Politics impact access to quality health care for senior citizens and low-income families.  Politics shape the attitude of law enforcement officers and how they interact with the citizens of color.  Politics affect the interest rates for home mortgages. The politics matter.

Own the Value of Your Opinion

Your educated opinion matters in the political arena.  I challenge you to own that.  Even if you’ve never taken a political science course or attended a town hall meeting, you still have personal experiences, faith-based core values and expertise that enable you to form an opinion on what is good for you and your community.  Your vote is how you effectively share that opinion and help secure politicians, policies and legislation that are in the best interest of your community.

Register and Get Informed

Voting, especially for women and people of color, is a civil right that came with an expensive price tag.  There are people who literally fought, bled and died to secure this right for us.  Don’t waste their effort.  Begin by registering to vote, which is free and extremely easy to do.  Registration can be done online or in-person.  Second, become informed on the issues that affect your community by attending events, reading or watching the news, watching debates, and talking to neighbors and friends.  Know what’s important to you and which candidates represent your needs and interests.

Your ballot can be the deciding vote for the right person getting into office.  Maximizer your power and magnify your voice by showing up at the polls this fall.  Come informed and, if possible, come with friends.  Great things happen when women work and vote together.  

See you at the polls.