Journal Your Success: Planting seeds of confidence in your life


All successful brands have one big thing in common and that is a fan base.  A fan is someone who takes a vested interest in the success of a brand.  They are devoted and show their support  by making financial investments (purchasing tickets, CDs, merchandise),  showing up for events, word of mouth promoting, and knowing the brand’s history of success (in other words-knowing the stats). Fans are a critical asset to the success of any brand.

You are created for success and are a brand in your own right, therefore, you need fans.  You deserve and need a group of people to take vested interest in what you are called to do. That group must begin with you and you must have the biggest fascination with your success over anyone else. You have to be your own number one fan. 

Some feel that being your own biggest fan is arrogant, conceited, vain, or proud, but why?  God has given you great gifts to share with the world.  You have expertise and information that changes lives.  There are people who are greatly improved by knowing you.  So why not toot your own horn?  Why not publicly celebrate the contributions you make to the world around you.  Aren’t you worth it?  This last question of worth is the real struggle for most “I’m not a fan of myself” women.  Therefore, if this is your issue, you must get over that misnomer if you want to make an impact that truly reflects your greatness.  Until you become a fan of you, you will never be totally comfortable with others signing up for your fan club. 

The best way to convince yourself that you are fan-worthy is to keep track of all your fabulous, outstanding, and amazing accomplishments in your very own success journal. When I say all, I mean all: from losing .5 pounds, to winning a lucrative contract for your business, to mending a broken relationship, to cleaning out that pesky closet.  Seeing your successes in black and white abolishes your ability to debate your effectiveness in the world.  Your success journal becomes concrete proof that you do indeed have God-given gifts, you are an expert who changes lives, and people are better because of you.  Journaling your success is a staple for every woman who is her own biggest fan.  

Put your greatness on paper so you’ll always have a reference of the remarkable things you accomplish.  In a very short time you’ll develop a deeper appreciation for your success. You will build confidence while becoming increasingly comfort with other people celebrating you.   Treat yourself to a beautiful new journal and begin to record your accomplishments today.  That’s what a fan would do.

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