More Than These: Book challenges readers to examine their love for God

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Does this sound familiar? You used to be close to God and then life (and Netflix) happened and now you just don't have time to catch up. Maybe fear of the future has paralyzed your relationship with Him - because what if He asks you to do something out of your comfort zone? Or maybe you've been letting your attachment to what you'll leave behind keep you from following God's call for change.

June Kimmel gets it, and in her book More Than These she shares her personal journey of learning to love Jesus more than the distractions and excuses we so often substitute. With questions for further reflection at the end of the book, you can not only learn from her experience (and the Scripture she uses throughout) but apply the truth to your own heart and life as well.

In this excerpt from More Than These, Kimmel elaborates on the conversation in John 21 between Peter and the newly resurrected Jesus.

While Jesus looked into Peter’s eyes, His words probably pierced to the depths of Peter’s soul and revealed his heart. The Lord asked Peter this profound question so that Peter could search his heart and see the depths of his love for the Savior. Jesus challenged Peter with the need for unswerving devotion by repeatedly asking Peter if he loved Him.

The Lord didn’t ask Peter how much he adored or feared Him. He didn’t ask Peter about his faith or about his service. Peter would have preferred those questions. And wouldn’t we?

We could enthusiastically tell of our activities. After all, some of us cook good meals for our family. Some of us teach Sunday school. Some of us help our neighbor. Some of us sing in the choir. Our list of ministry no doubt would impress.

But the Lord asked Peter to look deep inside his heart and evaluate his love.

Taken from More Than These by June Kimmel. Copyright © 2018. Used by permission of Ambassador International.

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June Kimmel is a pastor’s wife, author, mother of three, and grandmother of seven! She and her husband have been in ministry for over forty years. June’s greatest joy is teaching God’s Word to ladies of all ages and walks of life. She regularly speaks at ladies’ conferences and retreats, educators conferences, and other special events in the United States and internationally. Through their ministry, Training the Nations, June and her husband are training pastors, their wives, and Christian educators around the world.