How to Know Which Skincare Products You Actually Need


When’s the last time you purchased a brand new beauty elixir, only to discover that it was not quite your match made in skin-loving heaven? Understanding your skin’s unique needs is essential to knowing what products will work for you.

It’s time to stop adding to that ever-growing graveyard of beauty potions that never quite did the trick. You know which one I mean--the one in that lonely, dusty corner underneath your bathroom sink. We all have one.

But now is the time to declutter, start fresh and save money so you can splurge on products your skin will love! To start, you’ll need to analyze your complexion and decipher your skin type. Is it dry, combination, oily or sensitive?

 Your diet, location, skincare habits and other lifestyle factors can all influence the day to day condition of your complexion. Become familiar with your skin’s norm by paying attention to how it feels on a typical day. Once you’re acquainted with your skin, you’ll notice when things aren’t right. This enables you to address skin problems as they arise.

If you’re struggling to crack the code and you’re not sure where you fall on the skin-spectrum, schedule a consultation with a skincare professional for a one-on-one breakdown of your skin’s chemistry. From there, you’ll be armed with a wealth of information to guide you at the beauty counter.

Whether you’re purchasing online or kicking it old school in the store, pay attention to product descriptions and packaging. Look for clues as to what skin type the product was made for. Typically, the clues are direct and simple to understand. When in doubt, request samples so you can test products at home before committing to a long term relationship.

Periodically examine your skin in the mirror. Does your texture feel rough and uneven? You may be due for some exfoliation. Are you noticing some fine lines? Try adding a hydrating mask to your routine.

These are signposts pointing you to your skin’s areas of need. So build a regimen that’s ideal for you. Now that you’re armed to take control of your skin, let’s make 2019 the year we put an end to our lonely skincare graveyards!