Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to be sweet to your spouse.


Strengthen your marriage with these small gestures.

Avoid a marital tailspin and learn to navigate the peaks and valleys of your relationship by doing the little things for your spouse. While grand gestures make for incredible surprises, the little things are the pieces to the marital puzzle that create the most joy in the long run.

And here’s what I mean by the little things. Think back to your fondest childhood or adolescent memories. When I think back to those formative years, I smile in recollection of the times my mom surprised me with my favorite meal (fettuccine alfredo with grilled vegetables) or when my best friend, Taylor, walked me home from her house because I was afraid of the dark for longer than I care to admit.

Simply put, the little things stand out as some of my fondest memories. These little gestures weren’t fancy or over-the-top, but they were from the heart.

In marriage, the little things show that you’re thinking of your partner. They show how important he or she is to you and lead to memories that last a lifetime.

February, the month of love, is an extra special time of year for couples. But your sweet gestures should not be reserved for this festive occasion. Practice them on a consistent basis, year-round.

Cook for your partner. Write a love note. Share a thoughtful compliment. Give a sweet surprise. Show some extra love and affection.

When all is said and done, the little things are what will see your marriage through. Kindness, consideration, generosity and selflessness—let these qualities shine in your relationship for years to come.

And, Honey, if you’re reading this, thank you for always doing the little things. They have filled my heart in a big, big way.

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