2019’s hottest home looks


Revamp your home or office interior for the new year.

The new year is here, and so are some hot, new interior trends. As a designer of 25 years, I’m here to share some of the emergent home looks that have caught my eye for 2019. These five trends are guaranteed to revamp your home or office interior for the better: 

Mixed Metals

Matchy-matchy is so out for 2019. What’s in is the stylish mixture of metals. Varying the metals in your light fixtures and wall hangings will create a sleek look throughout your space. Try mixing copper with gold, or stainless steel and white.


Your choice of pillows, bedding and furniture upholstery set the tone of your room. And velvet is currently taking over the textile world. It’s elegant, stylish and luxurious. Start by trying it on your pillows and sofas in 2019.

Dark, Wooden Cabinets and Furniture Pieces

I’ve always adored dark furniture pieces. But now the use of deep (almost black) greens and blues is burgeoning. These wooden wonders will add some immediate character to any space that needs revamping.

Décor Era

One of my favorite design movements is the Art Deco movement. Vibrant artwork and architecture from the 1920s developed into a popular, decorative style. Known for its highly symmetrical geometric forms, the Art Deco movement is making a comeback in 2019.


The trendy, minimalist look involves clean lines and a sense of openness throughout the entire home. But if you’re new to minimalism, start by focusing on the kitchen. Declutter your shelves, clear your countertops of appliances and ditch those daily table settings for a singular centerpiece.

Specialty Accessories

Accessories are the heartbeat of your space. A stylish bar cart, for example, can make for an elegant eye-catcher. And its use is not limited to alcohol. Try using one as a makeup bar, dessert bar, coffee bar or anything else to your liking!

Walls and Ceilings

This 2019, place paint on the backburner and opt for some eye-catching wallpaper! Try something textured, or maybe a raised floral pattern. A bold wallpaper will add serious flair to any room.

I believe that the best home features are those that double as conversation-starters for guests. So use these trends to infuse your space with striking personality.