5 Favorite Beauty Staples of 2018

Hope contributors reveal their top picks of the year. The essentials we swear by

After a year of break out remedies and beauty hacks, the Hope for Women team became product sampling survivors. For us editors and content creators, our morning and nightly skincare routines turned into beauty product speed dating. This list is dedicated to the beauty staples that got us through the last 12 months and will carry over into the next 12.

Sarah Payne.png

Sarah Payne

My 2018 beauty goal was to heal my skin from cystic hormonal acne. Lighstim Blue LED for acne was a lifesaver for calming huge, super inflamed cysts. It’s pricey, but if you suffer from hormonal acne, it’s worth the investment. Blue light kills bacteria and soothes inflammation. The beauty tool is amazing for helping move hormonal breakouts along more quickly and making the worst breakouts manageable.

Taylor Williams.png

Taylor Williams

My favorite beauty product of 2018 would have to be African black soap. It cleanses and rejuvenates my skin like no other. I struggle with dark spots, and one of the biggest benefits of black soap is that it helps tone skin. I apply it at least once a day. If you’re looking for a way to get in a good wash while also keeping your skin healthy and moisturized, black soap is a great two-in-one investment.


Maurita Sutton Brown

I am a lover of lashes, and I used Maybelline (New York) Mascara for over 30 years. But over the last three years, I’ve switched to The COLOSSAL VOLUM Express. (It comes in a yellow tube.) I get asked daily whether my lashes real or fake. I’m proud to say that they are mine with the enhancement of this fabulous mascara.

Morgan Mcmurrin.jpeg

Morgan McMurrin

I’m a red lipstick addict, so I swear by Sephora’s Cream Lip Stains. It goes on as a liquid so I can cover my lips perfectly, but it dries as a matte finish, which lasts all day. I never have to reapply it during the day--even after I eat. While some people may sport a red lip in order to dress up an outfit, I like to think of it as a neutral color. It’s the cherry on top of every outfit I wear.

Kayla Bickham.jpeg

Kayla Bickham

Ever since I noticed dark spots on my face, I’ve added an aloe vera plant to my grocery list. I chop it up and store it in my fridge for maximum use. After using a toner to remove a long day’s dirt, I apply the plant’s cool, soothing gel to my face as a 10 minute mask. And if my skin really needs it, I’ll leave it on overnight. This beauty essential leaves my skin clear, soft and glowy.