Balance, Ambition and Motherhood: An Interview with Kristen Lampkin

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Here’s why Lampkin strives for excellence, not perfection.

This week is a big one for Kristen Lampkin. She’s returning to work for the first time since the recent birth of her first child. Now that she’s responsible for an entire human being, she begins each day by grounding herself in a morning routine she swears by. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Wake up early.

  • Do a morning devotional.

  • Run through personal and work goals for the day.

  • Prep the baby for daycare.

  • Speak life-giving affirmations over the baby.

  • Hop in the car.

  • Play “Happy” by Pharrell to kick off the daily commute.

“Before I had Logan, my career was my baby,” Lampkin admits. “Starting my journey, I didn’t always do well with balance because I didn’t know how to say no. If someone asked me to sit on a board or volunteer, I would say, ‘Yes, yes!’ But one day I recognized that I wasn’t saying yes to stuff that was in line with my personal goals and passions.”

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She goes on to explain that her true passion lies in advocacy for diversity, inclusion and equality for all, especially women. As the Senior Talent Partner for The Finish Line, Inc., Lampkin works toward cultivating an inclusive culture in this retail powerhouse. For the past two years, she has played a lead role in shaping the company’s workforce of 10,000 employees.

But Lampkin is also a key player in other diversity initiatives around Indianapolis. And when she joins a board, she doesn’t just join a board. She shakes things up and aims to empower everyone in her reach.

Recently, she was recognized as one of United Way’s 100 Heroes. Take a look at this this video of her recognition:

Balance is an ongoing pursuit for Lampkin. She realized a few years ago that she had to prioritize self-care if she was going to continue leading such an ambitious lifestyle. That’s why she takes a quarterly self-care day to reset and refuel.

“I had to explain that it’s not a day for me to go run errands for everybody else. It’s really focused on me getting my energy back and evaluating where my personal goals lie,” she explains.

She also makes time for both date night and girls night on a monthly basis. Even though she’s a new parent, her love life and friendships remain a priority.

“I used to be the workaholic type. I would answer my phone on the weekends and after hours,” she explains. “So as I became more mature in my career, I realized what truly mattered. What led to that is the experience I had last year of having a miscarriage at five months. That showed me that tomorrow is not promised. Life can change in a second!”


For Lampkin,  balance is the key to maintaining a strong presence in her family and career. She wants women to know that they can achieve excellence while still caring for themselves.

“As women, we are expected to always give, give, give. We don’t have to try to be perfect. Instead we should strive for excellence, which is different for everyone. I want to challenge women to embrace their talents and also pay attention to their potential,” Lampkin says. “As women, we have to champion each other and stop doubting ourselves.”