Believe in Yourself! | The Cimorelli Sisters Share Hope for Younger Generations



First formed in 2007, Cimorelli is a band made up of six sisters from Northern California—Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani—who got their start via YouTube. Through many trials and tribulations, including signing with and later leaving major record label Island Records UK, the band eventually found its way to Nashville in 2015. There the ladies discovered their true passion for music: songs about hardships and self-worth; songs about family and surviving; songs to inspire their fans to live positively. Staying true to their strong Christian foundations, the Cimorelli sisters have released four different albums, toured multiple continents, and written a book titled Believe in You, which is available for purchase on October 15, 2019.

Hope for Women had the exciting opportunity to chat with the sisters earlier this month and to ask them questions about role models, stepping out of comfort zones, and about their future plans!

HFW: We at Hope are big fans! You have more than one billion views on YouTube, millions of followers, and four albums. What was one of the biggest obstacles you overcame to get where you are today?

Christina: Thank you so much! Getting past the fact that so many people told me that I couldn’t do it from the beginning and throughout our time living in L.A. was a huge obstacle. Having people laugh at your dreams and act like they’re nothing more than a joke can really make you question yourself and question if you have what it takes. Making the decision to build myself up when the people around me aren’t is something I’m really proud of, and it’s a big part of what got us to where we are today.

Lisa: One of the biggest obstacles we overcame was transitioning from relying on a major record label for everything to learning how to run this business all by ourselves. We were just young girls, and we didn’t know what we were doing. It’s been a huge learning process to get to where we are today.

HFW: What’s the biggest piece of advice that you have for young women?

Lauren: I would say don’t place your self-worth in how other people respond to you because that’s always going to change. You are valuable regardless of how people react to you.

Amy: My advice is to know when to take yourself seriously and when to relax. Take things that really affect your future seriously, like education, learning, building a strong work ethic, discovering your biggest passions, and building up your confidence. Also, know when to not take things too seriously, like if a boy isn’t texting you back, or if you didn’t get the grade you hoped for. No mistake you make will take away your whole future.

HFW: How did you discover your passion?

Katherine: Our parents were a huge part of why we started our band in the first place because they both are passionate, hardworking, and driven individuals who raised us to believe in ourselves. Our mom has a master’s degree in music, and that gave us a great foundation for learning music because she taught us so much. Our dad started his own construction business over 25 years ago, and he’s been an amazing role model for work ethic and entrepreneurship for us!

Lauren: Our family was really into music, and there was always music playing and people singing in our house when I was growing up, and I always loved it. When I was around six years old, I started writing songs for fun. As I grew up, I continually found myself drawn to making music. It was always this fire burning in me that never stopped.

HFW: What was the driving force behind writing your book Believe in You?

Lisa: After our videos went viral on YouTube, we started getting so many messages from our fans asking our advice on a bunch of topics—that was the driving force behind writing the book. We were also thinking of our younger selves and writing the book we wanted to have growing up.

Dani: We wanted to write sort of a handbook for young girls to turn to when they have questions or need advice about things like dating, friendship, family, their relationships with God and a lot of other frequently asked questions. One of the biggest reasons we wrote our book was because there wasn’t really anything like it out there. We saw that there were a lot of girls missing out on this type of advice and guidance, and we wanted to be that “big sister” for them.

HFW: What are you hoping for readers to gain from reading Believe in You?

Christina: I hope this book empowers them to be more courageous in all categories of life. Girls often feel insecure in so many different ways, but I think this book tackles all of those different categories and gives them the tools and wisdom to guide and empower them.

Dani: We hope that they finish the book feeling empowered, and that they gain more clarity in making decisions and feel excited for their futures. We also really want our readers to realize that they’re not alone on the confusing journey that is growing up, and that they don’t have to feel scared.



HFW: Believe in You is going to encourage readers to get out of their comfort zone; how do you find yourselves stepping out of your comfort zones? How do you continue on when you find yourself becoming uncomfortable?

Lauren: I have always been an introverted person. When I was a teenager, I was very shy. Making conversations with people and trying to make friends at that time was super hard and out of my comfort zone. For a while, I really didn’t want to feel that discomfort, and I felt very isolated. Once I decided that the reward of having friendships and connections in my life was so much more valuable than the comfort of not putting myself out there, it made it easier for me to keep trying to put myself out there.

Lisa: Christina (the oldest sister), who is the leader of our company, is a natural at challenging us to constantly evolve. So, as soon as we settle into a new space, she’s already ready for the next level. We’ve learned from going through so many changes that the discomfort is just part of the process. You can’t give up in the middle; you have to learn to embrace it.

HFW: What is the most rewarding part about your careers?

Amy: Getting to touch the lives of young people and helping them to love and believe in themselves! I also love getting to create art that I love and pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone and grow as a person and an artist.

HFW: Who are your role models, and why do you look up to them?

Lauren: I would say Brené Brown is a role model for me because she started this whole movement of vulnerability and the importance of human connection in order to live a fulfilled life. I’ve read all of her books; she has inspired me to be authentic and compassionate with myself, and seeing how much she has accomplished is really inspiring as well.

Amy: Some of my biggest inspirations are honestly my sisters. All of them inspire me in different ways. I look up a lot to Catholic saints like Saint Rose of Lima, Mother Teresa, and Saint Catherine of Siena. They are amazing role models who have changed the world!

HFW: Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your careers.

Christina: A lot of artists turn to dark, shocking, or vulgar things over time to retain their fan bases. But in over ten years, we have never done that, and we have kept our fans’ well-being at the forefront of our minds. Although we aren’t perfect, we have put a lot of effort into being strong role models for young women. No matter what happens in my career, without a doubt and at the end of every day, I can say that I have respected myself, and that I am very proud of the messages I have put out there for young people to see.

Dani: Releasing our song “You’re Worth It” was a huge moment for us. It was one of the first songs we did that had an impactful message behind it. Seeing people share their stories of how that song impacted them and really seeing what a difference we could make with our music was amazing!

HFW: What are you hoping to accomplish in the next three years?

Lisa: Our goal is to bring our audience with us as we grow and evolve, so we’re always exploring new products and types of content to help us make that transition. We definitely want to do more touring, release more original music, and write more books.

Katherine: It’s an interesting time for us because Christina got married last year, and I’m getting married next year. We have so many big life changes coming up, and it’s very exciting. I think my greatest hope is for us to continue to share those big life moments of growth and change with our fans and be there for them as they’re growing and changing, too. I would love to write a lot more books! And continue to release albums and tour and make great videos for YouTube. As we experience all these things in life, it only serves as more inspiration for our art.

HFW: What have you learned most about yourself through your careers?

Christina: I’ve learned that I value authenticity highly, maybe to the point that I’ll choose it over opportunities that will advance my career but would require me to be inauthentic. I’ve learned that when things are looking bleak and hopeless, it’s actually very easy for me to motivate myself and those around me, and that those are actually the times I shine the most. I did not see that one coming!

Katherine: The greatest lesson I think my sisters and I have learned is that we have so much more inside of ourselves than we thought we did. We’ve been pushed to our limits with the crazy ups and downs we’ve experienced, and even in our darkest moments, we never ever gave up hope. What we found when we looked inside ourselves was more strength, more light, and more reasons to keep going. I truly feel that I can overcome any challenge that comes my way because of how much we have been through, not just professionally through the band but personally as well. God is a source of infinite love and light, and that is my greatest lesson so far!



To hear more from these inspiring women, be sure to check out their book Believe in You, which is available October 15th!