Boost Your Mood and Enhance Your Health With This Exercise


The magic-bullet exercise that changes everything

If you could reduce blood pressure, stave off anxiety and boost your mood with one simple exercise, wouldn't you want to try it? I’m here to share that game-changing exercise with you.

But be warned: it won’t be easy at first. You’ll have to work at it for a while before it starts to feel doable.

This magic-bullet exercise is running. Known for its strengthening effects on the heart and immune system, running is also a tool for weight loss/maintenance.

But its benefits aren't just physical. Studies show that runners experience higher energy levels, greater self-confidence and fewer anxiety symptoms than non-runners.

I know from personal experience that starting to run as a beginner can be daunting. For those who haven’t been active in the past, frustration is bound to occur, and the realization of your own out-of-shapeness will slap you in the face.

But I can promise you that this period of initial agitation won’t last forever. You’ll discover the thrill of setting goals and crushing them. You’ll learn what your body is capable of as you build endurance and speed. The key to improvement is to make running a habit and hobby.

Once you’ve established your running rhythm, amplify your sense of accomplishment by taking the plunge and signing up for a race. Races present the opportunity to meet new people and join a community of other positive, uplifting, goal-crushing runners.

So do yourself a favor, and hit the pavement. For more running tips for beginners, check out this article.