8 Ways to Spread the Post-Valentine’s Love


February isn’t just for lovers. Love on your loved ones with these simple gestures.

February is the month of cupids, chocolates, flowers and love. With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day, some of us may have been bubbling with joy and excitement over celebrating Valentine’s with our partners, while others of us are relieved it’s over, wishing we’d had someone to share it with.

With the rise of Galentine’s, a new social movement of women celebrating the important women in their lives, we posit the idea that love is not restricted to romantic couples–love is for everyone. We love ourselves, our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends and our families.

Even after Valentine’s Day is over, February should remind us to give love to all those who have helped us grow and dried our eyes when we were feeling low. This month we challenge you to spread the love in small, beautiful ways wherever you go. Here are eight ideas to get you started:

1.    Treat your colleague to coffee. Take someone out for a coffee break this week, and check in with how they’re feeling and what they’ve been up to since the start of 2019.

2.    Buy a friend a gift. Flowers and candy don’t have to be from boyfriends and husbands. Buy something lovely for a good friend to remind them just how much you appreciate them in your life.

3.    Write a letter to your aunt. Maybe you have an aunt who has nurtured you like a second mother. Sometimes they’re the only ones you can go to when you don’t know how to tell your mother what’s going on. Send a letter to say thank you to your aunt for being the blessing she is.

4.    Bring sweets for the office. Nothing says thank you like sugar, especially at work. Mix something up at home or pop into a bakery for a nice bunch of pastries that will start everyone’s day off with a smile.

5.    Buy your boss a book. Find something inspiring and relaxing to give to someone who works hard in your office every day. Try a biography about an admirable character or something witty and interesting by Bill Bryson.

6.    Throw a Galentine’s lunch. Invite your core lady friends to a lovely lunch or brunch. Celebrate the ladies in your life who have been there for you through all the boyfriends and will probably outlast the husbands too.

7.    Give a couple a gift. Buy your couple friends a pair of movie passes or a gift card to a local restaurant. Support their fantastic bond and remind them how happy you are they are both a part of your life.

8.    Pamper yourself. Don’t forget to give a little something to yourself this February. After all, the relationship you have with you is the strongest and most important relationship in your life. Spoil yourself with a facial, massage or mani-pedi.