Alex Elle’s ‘Today, I Affirm: Journal’ helps you find your voice within self-care


Self-Care Guru Takes Us on a Journey in New Self-Guided Book

The powerful phrase “Today, I affirm…” fills Alex Elle’s Instagram feed. Photos of handwritten notes on what seem like scraps of paper are inked with the most affirming statements; they always appear to be exactly what you need to hear for the day. From a process that started about six years ago, these daily inspirational pep talks she has with herself has made us all beneficiaries. “It’s been a long and beautiful journey of unfolding and becoming,” Elle says. “Writing self-love notes and affirmations continues to show me how to dig deep and lean into my power as a capable and self-nurturing woman.” Reading them makes us feel the same.

Her new book leans into the same popular phrase. Today I Affirm: Journal is a guidebook to self-care. It nurtures it, Elle says. It’s interactive so you can fill in the blanks of your life figuratively and literally. “[The book] is meant to assist folks in finding their voices through positive self-talk, creating a reflective writing practice, and learning how to lean deeper into personal truths through adversity,” she adds. Everyone’s ideals with self-care can look different and encompass varied traits that provide that break you need most. Within this journaling journey, you’re challenged to seek those out.


Looking at Elle’s feed could be considered a self-care practice within itself. Her airy photos seem to float through your screen as you scroll by. Each Insta-sized square holds a meaning and a peak into her soul. “Self-care has taught me to slow down and breathe,” she said. It’s an essential practice in her life, and even if it only lasts five minutes, she must make time for it. “Filling myself up so that I can show up as my best self, and serve others, is one of the ways self-care takes shape in my life.”

Her recent publication joins the shelf with her current collection of published materials. Journals Growing in Gratitude and #anote2self couple well with Love is my Language and Words From a Wanderer, in addition to her compilation of poetry and prose in Neon Soul released in 2017. She also hosts workshops and retreats around the country to discuss vital topics with women concerning their mental health and how to take care. Elle has created a following of strong women on the course to self-discovery, self-love and channeling their inner peace. She feels like she brings hope to women “by creating a community with sisterhood and storytelling in mind.”

A true sisterhood that Elle created is the one between her two daughters. Charleigh, 11, and Ila, 1, have an inseparable bond, she mentions in her posts. And, they’re picking up on mom’s avowals and the importance of care. “I am teaching my daughters, that their voice and whole self matters,” she claims. “And to show up fully, they have to make time to pour into themselves.”


It’s apart of her journey that she began writing and journaling because of therapy. Elle wants to encourage you that writing things down, as a way of configuring your feelings, is a way that you can find your voice, too. “Be honest with yourself when you’re turning inward,” she says. “Putting things down on paper can assist in exploring your inner voice and feelings. Having my therapist tell me to journal all those years ago saved my life.”

Now it’s your turn. The daily reminder of affirming, encouraging and empowering notes to yourself may be just what you need. Elle’s words bleed through the paper and leave an imprint on our minds, body and spirit. They make you hit that ‘Add post to your story’ button almost instantly because you feel like you couldn’t possibly keep this one to yourself. “Writing has shown me so much about abundance, growth, and the possibility of joy.” Well, Alex Elle, your writing has brought all of us the exact same things—abundant growth and joy.