3 Makeup Tips to Spice Up Your Look

Dazzle your date with these pro-tips.

Chances are you’ve already mastered your everyday makeup look. Your routine is down pat, and you can get your basic face on most days without much thought.

But maybe you want to kick it up a notch this month for a special event or a date night. If so, we’ve got you covered! Here are three simple and easy ways to spice up your look.


Add some lashes.

Lashes add extra glam to even the most basic, natural look. And you would be surprised at how much those hubbies enjoy a little eye flutter! The best way to apply false lashes is to cut them into thirds, dab them in a little glue and let the glue get tacky before applying to your lash line. This way, you’ll have more control over each piece, and your eyelids won’t turn into a gooey mess.


A little color goes a long way.

I love adding a pop of color to my lips to kick up my look. A hot pink or a classic matte red are my go-tos. If you’re a newbie to using bright colors, here are a few tips:

●        Use a lip primer! This essential first step prevents the lipstick from getting on your teeth or drying your lips out.

●       Next, use a lip liner. This handy product helps you stay in the lines without over-coloring with lipstick.

●       Next, try a long wear liquid lipstick, and you won’t have to stress about reapplying!


Get your glow on!

Adding a pop of highlighter to the top of your cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose and on the top of your lip, right at the cupid’s bow, will give your face a fresh glow and your lips an extra plump. Many shades are available, but I’ve found that the champagne color looks great on most skin types.