The Weekly Wrap

Here’s What Happened and What You Should Know About


Catch up on the latest and best of this week

What a week it was for women. From a global celebration, to a box office movie with a woman as the leading role and even new makeup to add to our collection, this week had it all. If you’re not sure where this week went, here are a few highlights you should know about for some small talk at the office on Monday!


International Women’s Day

Who runs the world? Beyoncé is always relevant; especially this past week. Women were celebrated everywhere March 8 for this year’s International Women’s Day. Missed the celebration? Don’t worry. It’s more than acceptable to highlight our hustle and girl magic any day of the year.


Captain Marvel

Brie Larson returns to the screen and delivers an empowering performance in Captain Marvel. The origin film packs in a lot of humor, answers questions that have lingered in our heads since Avengers: Infinity War and hints at what audiences can expect next month in Avengers: Endgame. As the first film to release since Stan Lee’s death, the Marvel Comic Universe pays tribute to the late creative genius with a celebratory illustration before the movie that warranted applause in the theaters. Keep an eye out for Lee’s cameo and stay through the entire credits to catch the two post-credit scenes!

Fashion and Style

Color Is Back

Have you gone shopping lately? There’s been a pleasant disturbance in minimalist and natural-toned clothing racks. Color is about to make a huge comeback this spring!  Who What Wear is projecting that this season's most adored tones will be baby blue, hot pink, lavender, green and yellow.

Glossier Launches Glossier Play

Emily Weiss stunned the beauty world with the launch of Glossier Play earlier this week. This new brand is like Glossier’s fun and outgoing best friend. Glossier is known for basic, easy, dewy, and everyday makeup, and Glossier Play is just that but with a lot more sparkle to it. The launch items included glitter, shining highlighters, colored eye pencils and brightly-pigmented glossy lip colors. Getting ready to go out has never looked so fun!