Self-Awareness: The Ultimate Success Secret


Become an expert on you. Take the driver’s seat of your life with this game-changing exercise.

Want to know what drains me? Prolonged exposure to loud, busy environments. My lack of stamina within these settings used to eat me up. I would observe so many A-type, go-getter personalities (people I admired) thriving in the same environments that would wipe me out.

I’d think to myself, “What’s wrong with me?  I like people, and I have just as much to offer as the next person. So why can’t I get it together?” Bustling, crowded spaces would make me feel like the odd woman out before I could even say my first hello or dish out my first shallow hug. For me, and for many other women, something was off.

I knew self-esteem wasn’t the issue. I always made sure to align my self-image with the Bible. I knew I was God’s masterpiece, created in His image.

So what was the problem? Even though I felt great about myself, I neglected an intrinsic part of my personality: I thrive in quiet, orderly environments. My issue with loud settings had nothing to do with other people and everything to do with me.

A lack of self-awareness can and will cause women to blame others for their frustrations. So ask yourself this crucial question: Do you know you?

Here’s a quick exercise:

●       Pull out a pen and paper (or your electronic device).

●       Write down five things that invigorate you and five things that drain you.

●       But here’s the catch: Every single item on your list must be about you and you alone. Don’t mention other people. Stick to only what you can control.

When I conduct this activity at my emotional wellness workshops, most women are eager and ready to go until I share that pesky last rule. That’s because women who lack self-awareness are conditioned to attribute their successes, failures and emotional wellness to external sources: the events and people around them. 

True self-awareness comes with the realization that you (under God’s leadership) are in control of your happiness and success. You get to unapologetically decide what you want and take full responsibility for obtaining it. Self-awareness is about knowing who you are, what you need, your likes and dislikes.

As a self-aware woman, I know that if I want to thrive at a big social event, I need to cut out a few minutes of quiet time before I go. And that's okay. Self-awareness has planted me in the driver’s seat of my life. 

So what about you? Become the ultimate expert on you today.