11 Organization Tips for Busy Moms

Photographed By: Grace Row

Photographed By: Grace Row

Keep your home tidy and your spirits high with these home hacks.

Home organization feels impossible to maintain at times. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, I struggle to stay on top of those day-to-day tasks, and I’m sure working moms can say the same.

When I fall behind on my home duties, the stress seeps into all other areas of my life, spawning a nasty cycle. But when I keep my home in check, I feel successful, de-stressed and ready to conquer.

I’ve found that everything in my home needs a “home” of its own to return to, and I hope this simplistic approach to organization helps you too. So check out these 10 organizational tips to keep your home tidy and your spirits high:

1. Have designated drawers for designated items.

It may seem silly, but I know people who don't have a sock drawer or even a utensil drawer. Start one drawer at a time, and find a home for the items you see sitting around.

2. Have a shoe station.

We have a mudroom. I've seen others use barrels, baskets or shoe racks in the garage. So find a space where shoes can come off the feet. Taking them upstairs or to a bedroom closet hasn’t worked for me; they need a spot near the door.

3. Have a mail station.

I have a small bin on my desk to throw my mail in. I know to sort through that bin about once a week. This bin gives me a designated place to put everything after a trip to the mailbox.

4. Have a key/charging area.

Simple, right? But how many times have you lost your keys? As a woman, I have a purse (a.k.a. the mystery abyss), but oftentimes my husband will leave his keys on the counter. We have a basket for keys, a jar for loose change and a charger all on our kitchen counter.

5. Have a bin in your child's closet for outgrown or seasonal items.

Once a clothing item goes out of season or one of my boys grows out of it, it goes into the discard bin. I don't think about it; I just throw it in. Then twice a year during consignment season, I go through the bin. I either Goodwill, consign or trash the items. Instead of constantly going through their clothes, just toss the discards in a bin at the bottom of their closest, and sort through the bin twice a year.

6. Keep toys out of sight.

I've always hidden my kids' toys as best as I can, and neither of them ever really make messes. They take out what they want to play with and put it back when they’re finished. Having clear bins for legos, superheroes, etc. makes it easy for them. I've found that baskets and totes are a great option.

7. Keep cleaning products under each sink in the house.

When I see a toilet that needs cleaning, instead of putting it off like I used to, I now can reach under the sink and grab cleaner and paper towels. I use a Seventh Generation multipurpose cleaner all over the house. I also keep a toilet brush behind each toilet.

8. Clean out the fridge and pantry.

Oh, how I hate this job! But cleaning and purging each time I put in new groceries makes things a lot easier. Toss a few items here and there as you’re loading in the new ones. It helps immensely.

Photographed By: Grace Rowe

Photographed By: Grace Rowe

9. Have baskets for each child.

We homeschool, but I think this strategy would benefit any parent. Each of my boys has a basket. Within that basket is whatever he’s currently working on, whether it’s a puzzle, a book or a school project. If your child has a favorite book or coloring book, throw them in there, and each child will feel like they have their own tangible "office."  

10. Run the dishwasher and laundry machine constantly.

I load and run the dishwasher every night and almost always have my washing machine going. If the dishwasher is running, it means my kitchen is clean for the night. My husband and I both agree that coming down to a clean kitchen is an excellent way to start the day. Some people feel this way about making their beds. It just makes you feel accomplished and ready to go.

11. BONUS: Make daily lists.

We all have things we do daily: feeding the pets, checking your email, etc. Why not write these down and have them ready for you to view each morning? The tasks can be as minute as putting away laundry or as challenging as painting the wall. But I always try to give myself one goal. That one goal makes a huge difference.

Rachel is a Nashvillian stay at home mom turned momtrepreneur. Most days you can find her in a messy bun and yoga pants wrangling two boys while running a real estate business, homeschooling, DIYing, and keeping up with my passions. She is most passionate in life about her faith, her three men, writing, and serving silently behind the scenes. She’s an introvert gone socialmediavert and when she’s not busy you can find her... well never not busy. Check her out on instagram at @crateandcottage or on her site at www.crateandcottage.com