5 Ways to Spruce up Your Home for Spring


Give your home the makeover it deserves by following these five eye-catching interior design trends.

Spring is here, and now is the time to freshen up our home décor. While I was shopping for home accessories to spruce up a few of my clients’ spaces this season, I stumbled upon some eye-catching interior trends for 2019. And today I’m sharing those trends with you. Incorporate any or all of the elements below to give your home the rejuvenating spring makeover it deserves:

Mural Wallpaper


Create a beautiful, woody, outdoors or city scene in a small area (i.e. powder room or baby nursery). Mural wallpaper is less costly than a piece of art and adds character to any small room. In a large space, capture the eyes of all who enter by adding a mural to just one wall.

House Plants

Green plants add a pop of color to any space. This spring, purify the air and connect to nature by bringing the outdoors in. The plants can even serve as stress-relievers as you water them, dust them, play music for them and, occasionally, talk to them. Use them to create and enhance whatever decor style you’d like: jungle, botanical garden, bohemian-chic or even conventional.

Artistic Rugs


The floor is the foundation of the home. It’s no wonder then that the latest trend is to invest in a rug that transforms your space and adds value to your family’s investment assets. Wool rugs will last forever. Traditional floral and geometric prints add culture to your home and make for excellent conversation pieces. (My favorite style is the classic Moroccan print.)

Curvy Furniture


Available at your local furniture store, online and at most flea markets, curvy furniture never fails to add character to a space. Consider purchasing a curvy, wooden table or soft, plush, curvy loveseat to start. When in doubt, look for what speaks to you.

Table Top Accessories


When it comes to storing accessories, the bookshelf-style table top is the latest trend. Each cubicle opening allows you to store a unique item — your essential oils, makeup and spices in the kitchen, or perfumes, cologne and lotions in the bathroom.