How Founder of “Watch Her Work” Denise Hamilton is Giving Women the Gift of Freedom


How Founder of “Watch Her Work” is Giving Women the Gift of Freedom through this Digital Platform

She understands what it’s like to grow up as an ambitious black woman, from being born in Jamaica to arriving in New York with her mother in kindergarten. She has memories of singing background for Stevie Wonder and Vogue. Much different from the entertainment industry, Denise also understands what it’s like to work for multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies. She’s started companies herself, including Jones Magazine and, soon after, her own consulting and speaking agency. Recently in her entrepreneurial career, Denise is the founder and CEO of the life-changing digital platform, “Watch Her Work,” which helps women (and others working with them) maximize their careers through the sharing of videos and tools from everyday women.

It’s evident that Denise can offer a lot of advice on how to navigate an ambitious lifestyle and daringly stand in rooms to address disparities across corporate workforce systems. But how exactly does she master balance and keep internal peace with it all?

“One thing I think that we do too often as women is allow other people to define what constitutes success and achievement,” Denise identifies. “So one of the things that has helped me is to name my victories and build on them in a way that is not obnoxious - but truthfully humility is kind of killing us. It’s okay to toot your own horn, especially in those times when you feel discouraged.”

She reminds every woman to reflect on the accomplishments of her past and find gratification, followed by self-motivation to move forward in life.

“As women, we always rise to the occasion, yet we don’t think those are successes. We have incredible abilities that we bring to the table, and I think it’s important to name them!”

Denise also believes in five other ingredients to living a centered life, which include:

●       Releasing perfectionism: “Allow yourself to be creative and evolve. If it doesn’t work, you are not going to die. You will survive!”

●       Defining what success means on a personal level: “Live the life that you are excited about, not what someone else is pressuring you to experience.”

●       Being gentle with yourself.

●       Being willing to laugh, relax and let things go!

●       Stop networking and actually build a network: “You want to have people in your network who actually show up for you. I want to know I have someone I can call for a reference, or even bail me out of jail!”

Denise has always aimed at using her platform to help women develop these networks, democratize access, and provide tools for a long-lasting career. It’s a critical mission, especially given the male-dominated workforce that women are often faced with. But, even in her speaking engagements and consultations, there is a newfound appreciation for her platform and the services that “Watch Her Work” provides.

“More often than not, I’m brought in to speak to the women of the organization. Places like Heinz, Marathon Oil, IBM, bring me in to do a women’s event and, of course, those are incredible experiences,” Denise said. “But also, what’s happening recently is I’m getting called in to talk to the male leadership teams about what they can do to really turn around these issues.”

Topics of concern are often around understanding the woman behind the work. Denise often tackles with executives about how to create opportunities for bringing more women into leadership. She also offers suggestions or plans on improving work environments to make those opportunities happen.

“I’m excited that these men want to engage me in this conversation, and it’s an exciting time that we’re in. That’s the way we’re going to move the ball forward.”

Excitedly, Denise has plenty of initiatives for other women to be a part of. She is recruiting 100 women to Bali for a retreat in the Fall of 2019 to plan 2020 goals. You can check out the details for that online. Simultaneously, a pipeline program called “Watch Her Grow” will launch in August, serving as an entrepreneur camp for middle and high school girls in the Houston area. Learn more about all of these endeavors at