Take a Trip to Agrabah This Weekend

Wondering how the new Disney live-action remake of Aladdin is? Read on for reviews and more!



73rd Annual Tony Awards

James Corden hosted Sunday’s 73rd Annual Tony Awards show, and he opened the show with a rousing musical number celebrating the benefits of live theatre. He presented with style and grace, and his humorous quips between awards kept the audience chuckling in their seats. Among other awards, Hadestown, a new musical about the underworld, won “Best New Musical,” and its director, Rachel Chavkin, won “Best Director,” a stunning win in a category that rarely honors women. Ali Stroker won “Best Featured Actress in a Musical,” making her the first actor in a wheelchair to win a Tony. While this increase in diversity has been sorely needed, many actors and actresses called out the Tony Awards in their speeches, stating that while the Tonys have become more diverse over the years, much work is still required.

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Emme Lopez Surprises Her Mother Onstage

This past Friday, Jennifer Lopez began her national It’s My Party tour, an affair of glitter, extravagance, and great music. Little did the audience know that Lopez’s daughter, Emme, would be joining her onstage at Friday’s performance for a rendition of “Limitless”! The two wore matching gowns and sang a stunning duet that was loudly cheered by the audience. Perhaps this is the start of Emme’s music career? Lopez has shared that she will support her daughter no matter how she chooses to follow her dreams!

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Movie Review



Jasmine has a voice! She will not be silent! She WILL be heard! By far my favorite thing about the new live-action Aladdin movie is that Jasmine has an exponentially bigger role than she did in the animated movie! Not only is she given a platform to speak in almost every scene that she’s in, but also she is realized as the only true candidate to become the next Sultan. Her care for her people, her wisdom in strategy, and her gentle strength are esteemed higher than her beauty or sexuality, and I count that as a win for Disney!

Yes, the movie had its flaws. It was at times over-the-top, exaggerated, and strangely fast-forwarded; and Will Smith’s genie was more like a reliable wingman than an out-of-this-world genie. Furthermore, Hakim, a character that we aren’t introduced to until halfway through the movie, suddenly gains a pivotal role in the climax of the movie? A bit confusing, if you ask me.

However, the movie as a whole was so full of color, life, humor, and song, that it was impossible not to find myself smiling in the theater as I tapped my foot along to the songs. Mena Massoud was absolutely lovable in his role as Aladdin, and it was glorious to see a Disney movie with a full cast comprised of people of color. Please, Disney, let’s have more casts like this one!

In short, I would definitely see Aladdin again, and I look forward to buying the CD when it comes out. You should definitely consider making a trip to Agrabah this weekend!

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