For Many, Father’s Day Is a Day of Forgiveness

For most, Father's Day is a celebration of the one man whose love and dedication has meant the most. But for many others, it is a day of hurt over an absent father—a day that often requires a different kind of celebration, forgiveness.

This Father’s Day, we’re taking a different approach to celebrating. Instead of giving dad the latest gift or gadget, we’re digging deep to give the most important gift many of us could ever give, forgiveness.

It is true, no father can or will be perfect. And not all father’s are alike. Some are everpresent, loyal and dedicated to molding and shaping their children into the best versions of themselves. Other fathers, for various reasons, cannot or will not be present for their children’s upbringings. It is there, at times where the greatest adolescent pain and longing hides—the pain of not having a father. The pain of wanting one, needing one.

That is why this latest episode of our Truthmark series with Aaron White is profoundly needed this Father’s Day. Its important for each of us to journey with White through his relateable process—through his pain, through his loss and eventually into his victory of forgiveness.

Our stories might not mirror White’s exactly, but all of our stories can relate in one way or another. Why? Because no father is perfect, and each of us yearns for the one true Father that is.


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