Apps to Help You Stay Organized


Make to-do lists, get breathing reminders and schedule your day with the touch of a button.

Four hours and 29 minutes: the average amount of time per day I was on my phone last week. Of that, almost two hours a day was on social media! While there’s nothing wrong with unwinding on Twitter (#metime!), I’m the first to admit that it would have been better to bond with my family, get some work done or even open an actual book for a change. Instead of kicking the phone habit, use it to help you be more productive. From to-do lists to breathing reminders, sleep tracking to family scheduling, find an app to help you get more organized.

Cozi Family Organizer, Free or $29.99/year for Cozi Gold

Baseball practice, dentist appointments, play dates, grocery lists¾moms have a lot on their minds. To keep from forgetting anything (or going crazy!), use the Cozi Family Organizer app. Create a color-coded tag for each member of your family, then input all your upcoming events and activities in one place for a quick overview of your day. The app also allows you to create a grocery list and share it with the family, so they can add items in real time. Speaking of groceries, you can also store recipes to make meal-planning easier. Other helpful tools include creating as many to-do lists as you want (for yourself or shared with the family). If you upgrade your subscription to Cozi Gold for $29.99/year, you will also have access to contacts, birthday tracker, more reminders, no ads, and more.

Fabulous, $9.99/month or $95.99/year

This award-winning app is for people who feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done (read: everyone). It is designed to improve your focus, sleep, happiness, exercise and eating habits, and calm stress and anxieties. It does this through a variety of different features, such as: Do Anywhere Exercise, a 10-minute workout that requires no equipment; the Mind Bus, a scientifically proven session to get rid of stress; 4 Hours Deep Work, a session to help you stay focused for four hours; Uplifting Fabulous, a session to coach you through grief and lift you up. By answering a few questions about your lifestyle and the bad habits you want to break, Fabulous will work with you to help you make healthier choices, take time to yourself to meditate and workout, get to sleep faster and longer, and be more productive. In other words, to live life more fabulously!

Mint: Personal Finance and Money, Free

Tired of paying late fees for missed payments or wondering where your money goes each month? Mint: Personal Finance and Money is perfect for you! Simply logon to your bank account and Mint will track how your money is spent each month. From there, you can create a budget based on Mint’s suggestions for your spending and get alerts if you’ve gone over in a certain category, such as food or gas. The app also allows you to track your upcoming bills and get alerts when they are due, get a free credit check and tips to improve it, get alerts for unusual account charges and more. It may not be the most fun app¾$100 at coffee shops last month?¾but it will help you take control of your finances, which you will be thankful for in the long run!

Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock, Free or $29.99/year for Premium

Blaring alarms are so 2018. Instead jolting you awake, the Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock app gently goes off, so you start your day feeling energized. With your phone sitting on your nightstand next to you, the app uses a patented sound technology to analyze your movements as you sleep and track your sleep cycles, from light to deep to REM. The app will use this information to wake you up during your lightest sleep, so you will feel refreshed instead of groggy. It will also generate a graph of your nightly patterns to show you how often you were in each sleep stage. Upgrade to Sleep Cycle Premium to compare your data to world sleep statistics, see how the weather affects your sleep quality, measure your heart rate, get sleep aids to help you fall asleep faster and use notes to see the things that affect your quality of sleep (such as working out, drinking coffee, getting on your phone before bed) among other things. Waking up has never been easier!