Wear Makeup That Makes You Feel Good


Ideas, inspiration and product recommendations for makeup that you want.

“Brown is your color” is a saying I’ve heard more times than I can count, as if my blues eyes would stop looking pretty if I used any other color eyeshadow. We’ve all heard the rules¾you have to wear a neutral eyeshadow if you want a bold lipstick, pink is okay for cheeks and lips only, don’t use glitter if you are older than 22. Ladies, it’s time to “glow-up”! We deserve to wear makeup that makes us feel good.

Don’t feel like you have to change your entire routine (although if you do, more power to you!). Trying a new color or product can be enough to up your confidence and make you feel like a new woman.

Bold Lips and Bold Eyes

Red lips and smoky eyes, an orange pout with blue lids¾experiment with new combinations this season! The difference between this and the makeup you put on when you were 12? Better quality products and a less-is-more approach.  

Chromafusion Shades.jpg

Shop online or from any Independent Beauty Consultant for new lip colors and shadows from Mary Kay. Yes, your MK girl can tell you what “color” you are if you ask, but she can also give you the right tools for expressing yourself! Start with the lips. The new, limited-edition Mary Kay Lip Tint ($18 each) is a water-based color made with a pen-like tip that makes it easy to use. Choose from three vibrant shades: an orangey Canyon Coral, a fuchsia Desert Flora and a crimson Magenta Mirage. Don’t be afraid to pair these look-at-me-lips with an eyeshadow that stands out. Mary Kay has a new line of Chromafusion Eyeshadow ($8 each) that features 17 shimmer shades and 16 matte shades, designed to last for 12 hours. From the dark green Emerald Noir to the sparkly rose gold, you can try something new every day! A pro tip: only apply a minimal amount of eyeshadow on your lids (leave the area from crease to browbone bare) for maximum impact.


Mix Bronzer and Blush

People can have both sun-kissed skin and rosy cheeks, so why are we only allowed to wear blush or bronzer? Mix these two (and add a highlighter!) together for a radiant glow. This can be done with any blush and bronzer that you own; simply dip your makeup brush in both and swipe on your cheekbones. Or find a four-in-one compact, like the Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer ($30) at Sephora, which features a mix of pink, two shades of bronze and a light golden highlighter in an adorable lattice-top design. You’ll look sweeter than peach pie when you swirl this along your cheeks.

Colorful Lashes


Bright colors are the new black¾at least when it comes to mascara. For too long, dark mascara has seemed like the only acceptable option, but not anymore! Give your eyelashes the rainbow treatment by coating them in the royal blue, Barbie pink or sunshine yellow shades of the Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara ($29 each), available at Sephora. The highly-pigmented mascara also works to add length, volume and curl to your lashes, so you don’t sacrifice anything you love about your regular product by switching to something more colorful. Make your own rules: match pink lashes to pink eyeshadow or wear a coat of blue on your top lashes and yellow on the bottom. The fun is in the variety!

If you’re bored with your makeup routine ¾ or have always wanted to try something “not allowed” ¾ now is your chance. And for all the blue-eyed ladies: you officially have permission to wear whatever color your heart desires!