Uplifting Media to Get You Through the Work Week

The week is getting long, and we don’t know about you, but we’re tired! Here’s some uplifting media tidbits to motivate you to get through the day!


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2019 Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards

Instead of hosting a repeat of last year’s NPACT Impact Awards, the producers decided to host a new kind of awards show this year, the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards, in order to “give the thriving, ever-evolving genre critical attention and support.” This production featured many shows that Hope readers may know and love, with Queer Eye winning “Ensemble Cast in an Unscripted Series,” “Structured Series,” and “Lifestyle Show: Fashion/Beauty.” In addition, Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye took home “Male Star of The Year,” while Sandra Lee from Dr. Pimple Popper won “Female Star of the Year.” In the “Late-Night Talk Show” and “Show Host” categories, James Corden took home awards for his Late Late Show. I personally am excited to see an awards show more catered to the interests of its audience, and I look forward to watching it again next year! Photo: W Magazine


“Friend”ly Reunion

“So, no one told you life was gonna be this way?” This week, former Friends star Courtney Cox reunited with costars Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow to celebrate her 55th birthday. On Instagram, Cole posted a picture of the three with the caption, “How lucky am I to celebrate my birthday with these two??? I love you girls. So much ♥️.” Does this reunion mean a Friends revival is in store? Cox says it’s not out of the question: “Well, ‘no’ was getting me nowhere, and ‘maybe’ was getting me nowhere. So, I thought I'd try ‘yes.’ See what would happen.” Friends fans across the world would rejoice to see the beloved actors together once more, proving that they truly will be there for us like they’ve been there before!

Picture: Instagram

TV Show Review

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Good Omens

“What exactly is Good Omens?” you may be thinking. Good question! Good Omens is the story of an angel and a demon who join forces in a hilarious romp across the ages in order to stop the apocalypse from happening in modern-day London! The story is based on Neil Gaiman’s book by the same name, and its protagonists, the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale, are forbidden from working together but end up disobeying in order to save the human race which they have come to love.

You might be thinking, “How can a strangely fantastical, not-Biblically-correct story be relevant to my life?” I’m glad you asked! Good Omens doesn’t just present two immortal beings who are beyond the reach of average viewers like you and me. Instead, it presents a bumbling, awkward angel who is learning that sometimes questioning orders is necessary in order to do what is right; and a jaded, Queen-blaring demon who is learning that sometimes there can be beautiful things worth caring about even in a world full of terrible hate. Sound like something we can all relate to? I certainly think so. Go check out Good Omens, which you can find on Amazon Prime today!

Picture: The Verge

 Briana Rooke realizes the impact that media have on their audiences, particularly people in the audiences who find themselves underrepresented in society, and she seeks to analyze media in a way that lets those voices be heard. When she’s not interning at Hope for Women or scrutinizing media, Briana enjoys reading classic books like Les Miserables, drinking blueberry tea, and cuddling with her black cat, Selina. She believes that someday stories will truly save the world.