How Nancy Alcorn is Changing the Recovery Game


An intimate look into the lives of women in recovery

In her most recent book, Treatment of Transformation: 13 Real Stories, Nancy Alcorn, founder and president of Mercy Multiplied, sets out to give women a voice and succeeds. The book unfolds the stories of 13 courageous women recovering from mental disorder and abuse, all determined to reclaim their lives.

After working both in corrections and with Mercy House, a nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness, Alcorn was more than prepared to walk alongside these women and witness their “crazy situations turn into powerful testimonies.”

Inspired after watching the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which details the suicide of a teenager, Alcorn felt led to respond to this series with the stories of 13 women who chose to reach out for help.  Among the many barriers that prevent women from reaching out, Alcorn explains that “shame, especially [for] women in abuse,” is the ultimate silencer.

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Guided by her unshakable Christian faith, Nancy surrounds the women at Mercy House with a team of like-minded clinicians. “I look for Kingdom builders… mental health professionals who are also believers. The spirit, body and mind are all connected,” Alcorn asserts.

Each vignette in 13 Real Stories captures the hardship and redemption that riddle the road to recovery. Alcorn provides delicate details of traumatic experiences like rape, drug addiction and parental neglect, while leaving each woman’s dignity intact. When asked how she catalyzes such radical change in women, Alcorn replies, “The entrance of God’s Word brings light. I just do what the Word says.”

Further illustrating the power of God is Nikki’s story -- one of the book’s most memorable entries. Entering Mercy House with a 14-pill regimen and escaping a life of prostitution, Nikki thought she’d never be normal. She had been hospitalized 100 times in 42 different hospitals.

After intensive treatment, support, and growth in Christ, Nikki left Mercy House medication-free. Alcorn explains in the book that “Nikki was especially different. She later brought her mom to Christ and today is working on her master’s degree.”

To read more inspiring testimonies like Nikki’s, grab a copy of Treatment of Transformation: 13 Real Stories on Amazon now. Learn more about Nancy’s mission by visiting