How Floral Arrangements Can Transform Your Home (and Your Life)


Embellish your home with fabulous florals.

Floral arrangements never fail to enthrall me. Whether I receive them from my husband, a visiting girlfriend, or a box on my front porch, I love using them to embellish my home.

As an interior designer, I select various accessories to adorn counter spaces, credenzas and side tables. But I leave the joy of choosing floral arrangements to my clients.

Now I want to extend that joy to you too. So here are the how and why behind fabulous florals.

Healing Effects of Florals

The home is one of the most important spaces in our lives. It’s where we entertain, rest, ponder and create. And with the help of floral arrangements, the home can also be a place of healing.

Yes, that’s right; florals can have a healing effect on you, your family and your friends. Here’s how:

●       Flowers help you remember past weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, and these positive memories elevate your mood. I used fresh florals for both my daughter’s wedding and my youngest daughter’s baby shower. They brought fragrance and frill to the events. And afterwards, the girls took them home where the arrangements continued to elicit warm memories. You can use your flowers to remember for a few days after the event, or you might consider drying them for long-term display.

●       You may have heard of the therapeutic powers and positive health benefits of spending time in nature. Well floral arrangements bring a splash of the outdoors straight into your living space. They create a calming effect and establish a stress-free zone for you and your guests. I keep roses of various colors around my home, especially in the dining and kitchen areas, in order to foster calm and peace while I prepare meals.

How to Choose Floral Arrangements for your Decor Style

●       Placement is key. Position your flowers so that you can immediately see them upon entering a room or hallway.

●       Choose a vessel that matches both the occasion and your personal taste. I use fancy crystal vases when appropriate, but I usually opt for an old mason jar or a large ceramic water pitcher.

●       Think about your home’s theme. I adore the boho look, so I gravitate toward loud, vibrant flowers that catch the eye. During springtime, I use pastels to set a season-appropriate tone. And no matter the season, the scents seamlessly intertwine with my line of Simply Maurita Candles. 

●       Just to give you a few specific ideas, some of my favorite spots to place flowers are on bookshelves next to knick knacks, in the guestroom on the side table and under a chandelier on my dining room table.

Now you’re ready to adorn your home with florals that bring joy to you, your family and your guests. Try creating a weekly routine of obtaining and displaying them. For more information on floral arrangements and decor, you can email Maurita Sutton Brown, Designs By M, at